Desktop PCs do not come with inbuilt WiFi connectivities. So, I am sure you are looking for WiFi connectors PC.

There are thousands of brands in the market offering your WiFi adapters.

The question is which one you are going to choose?

Also, once you bought, there are many people are do not know how to install it.

So, here I am back with another article to present you a list of few best brands for WiFi connectors PC Software with an installation guide for you.

So, let us start.

What are WiFi connectors PC?

WiFi connectors PC

If you wish to access WiFi from any of your devices which doesn’t support WiFi connectivity, you will need WiFi connectors PC Software.

There is a transmission signal through the air, between your device with a connector and the WiFi router.

So, you are able to enjoy high internet speed on your device sitting anywhere within the range of the WiFi router.

The WiFi connectors PC are two types-external, which I am going to talk about, and an internal which comes with the device motherboard.

And what can be most popular than USB type WiFi Adapters?

Because it is quantum and mobile, you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

The perks of WiFi Connectors for PC

I shall specifically talk about USB type WiFi connectors.

Let me give you the reasons as to why you should them.

  • Be clean from the mess of cables

USB type WiFi connectors PC eliminate the need for any type of wire or cable. You don’t need any kind of hard-wire!

So, any of your device within the range of a WiFi connector is free to connect. I understand cables are cumbersome!

This USB type has become so widespread and popular that ethernet cables have almost disappeared.

  • No need to set up or install a separate hardware for WiFi connectivity.

As I have said earlier, desktop PCs do not have inbuilt WiFi connectivity hardware. But that doesn’t mean you have to open up your device and mess with the hardware.

The problem comes when your device is compact like a laptop. Unnecessary opening the hardware may at times damage something or the other.

WiFi connectors are like external USB devices you use. Within the range of a WiFi hotspot, you just have to connect it to your desktop.

So, your hardware remains safe!

There are times when few devices do not come with inbuilt wireless adapters.

So, what would you do? Buy a new computer right?

No, USB WiFi adapters eliminate the idea.

  • Connect multiple devices

Earlier, to connect devices to the internet, Ethernet cables were the only option.

Now, with wireless WiFi connectors, you not only eliminate cables, but multiple devices can also connect to a single WiFi router set up near you.

  • Cheap and Affordable

You do not need to buy an expensive computer in order to enjoy WiFi connectivity.

USB adapters come cheap. They do not cost high.

So, if you want to enjoy internet on your computer, you just need to have a cheap laptop and a USB Adapter. That’s all!

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3 best WiFi connectors Software for you

There are thousands of brands, from cheap to the costliest, who provide you with WiFi connectors.

Personally, I would recommend the following three to you.

  • The Belkin-

WiFi connectors for PC

One of the most trusted brands in wireless adapters in Belkin.

The best part is, with each WiFi connector PC Software, they provide you a CD, with a setup installation guide that makes your task easier.

Belkin calls it “The Easy Installation Wizard”!

It gives you a setup software which is a “.exe” file.

Another best part is it is available in different sizes and according to OS compatible versions as well!

The above link is for Windows users, kindly keep in mind.

For Mac users, you may click here.

  • TRENDnet

This company came up with the latest AC600 High Gain Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter.

WiFi connectors for PC

The 1.0 version gives you the following features-

  • A greater wireless coverage for you.
  • It upgrades your PC to a 433 MBps wireless AC
  • Connect to any number of wireless networks at a speed of 150 MBps.
  • Like Belkin, it gives you a very easy setup installation.
  • But, the advantage over Belkin is, it is both Windows and Mac compatible. You do not need any special driver even for Mac.

The best part is, it keeps on increasing your coverage once connected to your PC.

WiFi connectors for PC

You can click here to get this Wireless Adapter.

  • Keebox

The latest WiFi connector PC Keebox introduced is W150NU v1.0.

WiFi connectors for PC

I will recommend it for Windows users who use low Windows versions that is 7, XP or Vista.

Just like its contemporaries, it too has an Easy Installation guide for you but in Multi Languages for your own convenience.

Unlike Belkin and TRENDnet, it is cheap.

I shall venture into its technical details a bit-

  • It is based on IEEE 802.11n technology and compatible with b/g standards of the same.
  • It supports 64/128 bits for the following- WEP, WPA/WPA2-RADIUS, and WPA/WPA2-PSK.
  • Based on your connection environment,  it provides you 100m indoor and maximum 300m outdoor coverage.
  • The complete package comes with a 1-year company warranty against hardware or software damage.

WiFi connectors for PC

Know more about W150NU v1.0. Just click on the blue link.

A few things to keep in mind

Before you visit a store for buying WiFi connectors PC Software, remember to get a model that supports a fast wireless connection, such as 802.11n Wi-Fi.

As a result, your data transfer occurs over the bandwidth with 10 times more speed than usual.

I won’t lie that faster adapters are cheap, but if you need a faster internet, I would recommend them.

You need to keep in mind three side points-

  • security factors and WiFi security
  • manufacturer customer support
  •  warranty

At times, when you connect a WiFi adapter to the back side of your CPU, it inhibits the signal as a result of which, it may weaken.

Kindly consider buying a USB extension cable for a better adaptability.

Go wireless!

You have seen now that WiFi connectors for PC have completely removed the need for using wires all around.

Download and anything you wish and surf all around the internet world with a wireless connection.

If you face any problems during installation or facing compatibility issues, feel free to drop your comments.

With WiFi connectors PC Software, go fast, go wireless!


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