Are you are looking for a feature-rich messaging app? Telegram on PC is just waiting for you!

I will stress upon the phrase “feature rich” because of the numerous functions Telegram represents.

So, it is gaining a fan base. With over a million monthly active users, it is increasing its popularity substantially.

Without further ado, let me start by telling you about what Telegram app is. I also will tell you how to get your Telegram on PC.

Also, with an installation and download guide, I will eventually give you a comparison- Whatsapp vs Telegram.

Sit tight and Read on!

Know about the Telegram app

We surely have come a long way from posting letters, encoding telegrams, email and then instant messaging.

Instant messaging has achieved new levels with the Telegram app.

To put simply, it is a cloud-based messaging app, similar to Whatsapp but way more in the feature list.

telegram for PC

Rated as the hottest app in the past year, Telegram combines the speed of Whatsapp and the versatility of SnapChat presenting you with a very secure connection.

I won’t venture into technical details, but Telegram is highly secure. It has end-to-end encryption just like Whatsapp but, a bit more advanced.

Some say it is a clone of Whatsapp. But no, it is not!

For running Whatsapp on PC, you will need Android emulators. Here is where Telegram is one step ahead.

Visit the official site of Telegram and you will see a direct link to get Telegram for PC, with Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Check this link.

I remember Whatsapp being down on New Year’s night! Telegram never has went down.

Its servers are always alert because developers have created a separate Telegram Client to handle peers.

So now you know what Telegram app is.

But, what makes telegram unique?

There are certain features Telegram offers which no other messaging can does. Those features are compelling enough to let you try it out.

  • Edit what you wrote or sent.

telegram for PC

It is one of the features you are going to love.

Telegram lets you edit your sent messages, even after the receiver has seen them.

To do that, just long press the message and a menu list will appear as you can see in the picture. Just rewrite what you want.

The best part is, unlike Facebook or in the new Whatsapp version, Telegram on PC won’t show that you edited it!

  •  Keep your chats locked

telegram for PC

We all have that one friend who likes to pry into our chats.

So Telegram lets you keep them private. You can create passwords for individual chats and keep them safe.

Options > Privacy and Security > Password Lock. This pathway will guide you to do that. Just decide the time that whether you wish to keep them private for long or for a short span.

  • Share large files over message

It is annoying when you wish to send a file and the app responds as ” too big”.

The telegram has brought the solution to you. Telegram allows to send and receive files up to 1.5GB.

telegram on PC

To fix your data consumption, navigate to Options > Automatic media download and adjust accordingly.

  • Stay away from embarrassing media files

All your so-called “private” photos and mix up with “public” ones and may put you in an awkward situation at times.

telegram for PC

Save yourself from this by going to Options > Automatic Media Download > deactivate save to Gallery. 

All Telegram photos will be shown in the app itself.

  • Your Telegram, your “last seen”

You now can be selective about who can see your “last seen”.

telegram for PC

Options > Privacy and Security > Last Seen- This is where you need to go. If you want you can choose few under “Add Exceptions”.

  • Chat secretly and self-destruct messages

There are ways you can send self-destruct messages using external links in many messaging apps.

With Telegram, you can do that in-app. All you need to do is start a secret chat.

telegram for PC

These features make Telegram unique.

Some other notable features are-

  • It is cloud based as I have mentioned earlier. So you can use it from multiple devices.
  • Since it combines the features of Whatsapp and SnapChat, it is fast.
  • Highly distributed over many networks
  • The telegram app has open API and protocol.
  •  No premium fee and no ads; it is all free for you to use
  • You can easily get Telegram for PC with Windows, Linux, Mac and run on Desktop, notebooks, MacBooks, tablets, etc.
  • It keeps your conversations completely safe and sound.

With Telegram on PC, you can…

  • Connect to various people even who stay at remote locations. The telegram has a really good connectivity.
  • You can connect and make a group comprising of maximum 50k members! Huge isn’t it!
  • Since it is cloud-based, you can access it through many devices.

So, Telegram lets you synchronize all your data across all the devices you are using.

  • Send and receive documents and files of any type and any size. The limit is 1.5GB
  • You can keep all your business secrets locked up with Telegram encryption
  • Self-Destructing messages.
  • You can store all your media files on the cloud server.
  • As I said, API code of Telegram is open for all. Mess around and build your own tools.

How to get Telegram App on PC?

Telegram developers have released an official “.exe” file for Windows and Mac users.

That means you don’t need to ram your CPU with unnecessary emulators.

Let me guide you through the process.

  • Visit the official Telegram site.
  • Click on the option labeled “Get Telegram for Windows”.
  • Follow the same steps you do with other software you install on Windows.
  • You will see a Telegram shortcut on the desktop.
  • For Mac users, you need to drag the shortcut icon to the Applications Folder.
  • Open it and click on “Start Messaging”

Your Telegram walkthrough

You will see the following screen –

telegram for PC

You need to enter your phone number here and create an ID of yours.

  • A PIN for verification will be sent to you. Enter that.

telegram for PC

  • Now, your telegram is ready for use.
  • Go to Settings now. You will see the following options-

telegram for PC

  • If it is a necessity to add contacts, you can do it easily through Telegram-

telegram for PC

  • Finally, if you wish to create groups, you can do it by-

telegram for PC

Get Telegram for PC on Mac

The process is same even for Mac users.

Visit the official site. Scroll down and you will see “Show more platforms” options.

When you will open it, you will find “Download for Mac” option. Just click on it!

Rest is all the same as before!

There is another way to get Telegram on PC and it is done by using an Android Emulator- Bluestacks. Since it is tedious, I won’t recommend you go for it!

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The Telegram vs Whatsapp: Tug of War

Ever since its launch, people have branded Telegram as a “Whatsapp Alternative”. And why not?

Over the past year, Telegram has considerably expanded. You see, both are very good instant messaging apps, but they their own disparity.

Let me compare them and you be the judge at the end of which is the best one.

User Experience

Whatsapp is way ahead with more than a billion users than Telegram who has just crossed the 100 million landmark the previous year.

The reason is quite simple. Whatsapp is more widespread and was the first of its kind. Though telegram has nice features, it still has a trust to build.

Comparison of Features

Let me array the unique features of both Whatsapp and Telegram.

To start with Whatsapp-

  • Make use of your wifi or mobile data bandwidth and call any of your friends. No worries about data loss! Whatsapp has low data managing mode.
  • The color of reading and seen texts change, which lets you know whether the recipient is aware of the message or not.
  • You can backup your chats. Whatsapp provides you to tick manually when you wish to backup.

It will back up all your chats and images and media automatically.

  • Let the world know your status and even control who can view it.
  • Formalize your texts on Whatsapp. Now format texts in Bold (*text*), Italics (_text_), Bold & Italic (*_text_*) and strikethrough (~text~).

Now, let me again summarize the unique Telegram features-

  • Secret Chat
  • Self-destruct text
  • Share and receive files up to 1.5GB
  • Cloud server so access to multiple devices.
  • A large number of groups and members too.
  • Okay, one thing I didn’t mention previously which are the Telegram bots.

These are pretty cool Telegram features. For example, with @Pollbot, you can create polls, if you want to find more bots, you can use @Storebots etc.

  • Telegram supports million of stickers just like the ones on Facebook and Messenger. This you won’t find in Whatsapp.

telegram for PC

  • Lock chats
  • Hide “last seen” for a particular contact.
  • Edit your messages.

Safety and Security

End-to-end came on the scene with the latest updates of Whatsapp.

Telegram, on the other hand, is MTProto Protocol based which ensures a high security with “Secret chat” option.

Which is more easy to use?

The fact is Telegram is faster. The reason is its UI is highly user-friendly and everything is synchronized.

Both Whatsapp and Telegram are very easy to use because of the simplicity of their menu list. But, Telegram is faster.

Apps for PC

PC availability is one of the fields where Whatsapp lags behind.

To install Whatsapp on PC, you need Android emulator because there is no “Whatsapp.exe” anywhere near.

So, try out Bluestacks to download one of the most popular Android Emulator for PC.

On the other hand, the PC downloadable versions are available on the Telegram official website both for Windows and Mac and other platforms as well.

Telegram on PC is something you will love to use!

To declare the winner…

There is no doubt that Telegram offers you more features than Whatsapp but as far as popularity and fan base is concerned, Whatsapp dominates.

It has nothing to do with technical issues but the reason is quite simple.

What do you and your friends use? Is the answer Whatsapp, right?

For now, we declare Whatsapp as the winner but surely the scenario will change in few years.

Find your Telegram on PC today!

No emulator, no coding mess. All you need to do is visit the official Telegram website and download the version.

Telegram only lacks one thing, popularity and you can ward it off by downloading it.

If you face any issues with Telegram on PC or any download related issue, let me know in the comments section.


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