This article will let you know about the steps to install Subway Surfers for PC.
Subway Surfers was initially launched in the year of 2012. The game receives periodic updates giving new missions and scenarios to play in. The game is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Kindle.

Subway Surfer is an endless runner video game co-developed Kiloo and SYBO Games, Danish developing houses. In Subway Surfer, you play as a teen hooligan caught in the act of doing graffiti in the railyard by a cop. Your objective is to evade the pursuit running down the tracks, collecting as many points and gold coins on the way.

Jake is the default character(all other characters have to be unlocked) you start playing with. The Inspector and his dog will try to chase you down while you flee skateboarding through the rail tracks.

Subway Surfers for PC is not developed by the company, but there are ways to work around this drawback. To play Subway Surfers on your PC you will have to download an emulator and bypass the system.

Subway Surfers For PC

What is an Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that gives you a virtual android system.You can use an android emulator as a target platform to test Android apps that you have developed cutting down the requirement of sideloading apps onto an android phone and testing your app. You can also use the emulator to run and use different android apps that are not available for your system.

Popular Android Emulators


BlueStacks is an android emulator and app player. It is a cross-platform application i.e it runs on both Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) and MacOS. Installing BlueStacks on your Windows or MacOS enable you to run Android apps on your PC.
Bluestacks is a free to download the software and you should refrain from downloading it from another 3rd party website. The third-party websites often tweak the software internally and plant harmful codec that can result in problems with your PC. ]

Go through the following easy guide:

  • Open your default web browser.
  • Search for Bluestacks
  • Follow the link to visit BlueStacks official website
    bluestacks for pc
  • Click on the Download Bluestacks for Windows button available on the homepage
  • The installer is of about 250mb.
  • Wait for the download to complete.

Installing Bluestacks
After the Bluestacks installer has completed downloading:

  • Browse to your downloads folder
  • Locate the downloaded bluestacks.exe and double-click to run it
  • An installation window will appear on your screen
  • Click on Agree to the terms and conditions window
  • Click on Next. Go on clicking next

You will land on a window showing “Downloading Needed Files”. You need to wait out the time the installer takes to download the necessary files from the servers

Note: Keep the Internet connection up and stable during this process. Loss of connection or dip in signal strength can cause problems for the installation and can even lead to your system aborting the whole process.
When the necessary files are finished downloading, your Bluestacks will be installed.
Try and run the program to see if it works.

Subway Surfers For PC

NOX Player
Just like the above mentioned Bluestack, Nox Player or as popularly known NOX is also an android emulator. The NOX app player was initially made available to the market in 2015. Just like Bluestacks, NOX too is a free to download software, try to ensure that you download the software from their homepage and not from any third party source.
NOX to is a cross-platform available on both Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) and MacOS.

Subway Surfers For PC

To download the NOX app player or android emulator follow these easy steps:
Open your default web browser
Search for NOX app player
Follow this link to visit BigNox official website to download.
Click on download button available on BigNox’s homepage
If you want to download the MAC version look for the link Mac Version just below the download button
Let the download complete
When the download is complete, browse to the downloads folder and run the ‘.exe’ file.
When the installer starts, click next and proceed with the installation.
Agree to the said terms and conditions and go ahead.
The installer will download some necessary files during the installation process, wait this period out and click Finish to complete the installation.

Setting up your Emulator or App Player
When you have completed the installation of your preferred emulator or app player you will need to set up your virtual android device just like any other device running on Android. To set up android virtual system (Bluestacks or NOX) on your Windows or Mac system follow this simple guide.

Subway Surfers For PC

⦁ Click on start button
⦁ Choose All Programs, find Bluestacks or NOX and open the application
If available, double-click on the available desktop icon of your app player to run the program.
These applications are heavy and can take a little time to load.
⦁ Once your App Player is up and running, you will see a fresh android system open in the windowed form on your screen.
⦁ Use your mouse to navigate through the appellate.
⦁ Click on Menu
⦁ Open Settings
In the settings go ahead and enter the details required. You will need to enter your Google account details and other stuff to get connected and synced with the servers of android.

It is nothing difficult, treat it like you treat any normal android mobile and tablet. Go ahead and complete setting up your system.

Downloading Subway Surfers For PC

You can easily download any android game or application via BlueStacks or NOX player. It is the same procedure you use while on an android phone or tablet.

If you still are not familiar with Android or if you are a newbie here is your personal easy guide.

Subway Surfers For PC

Searching for an android app
⦁ Click the Apps icon available on the home screen.
⦁ Swipe on till you find the Play Store icon.
⦁ Open Play Store.
⦁ Click on the magnifying glass present in the top right corner
⦁ Type in the name of the app you are trying to download
In this case, search for Subway Surfers and again click the magnifying glass to execute the search.
You will see suggestions below as you type in the search box, you can click to fetch the apps or games.
⦁ Click on the three dots available to the right of each result (app or game) and choose the option to install

Now that you know how to download an app or a game on your android system go ahead and download Subway Surfers from playstore.

When Subway Surfers has finished downloading, double-click to open the app. If the app is running properly, congrats you have successfully downloaded the game, Go ahead and enjoy. If you are facing problems with Subway Surfers, you should try reinstalling it.

Remember: Through app player you can easily download or access any android game on you Windows or Mac system. If you are an avid gamer and uber competitive you should also download the Google Play Games app too.

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Google Play Games is the app that maintains the leaderboards and handles matchmaking. If you do not have Google Play games installed on your Android system neither will you be able to compete with the worldwide market nor will your points or scores count in the leaderboards. Keep Google Play Games updated at all times to avoid frequent and repetitive notifications while in game.


The Android operating system is not at all good when it comes to integrating with other existing operating systems but developers have found this work around to solve the issue. Downloading an app player like Bluestacks or NOX can solve this problem. Just download any of the two mentioned or any other android emulator or app player on your windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Window 8.1 or Windows 10) or Mac to make your tech troubles go away.

Sometimes you can feel when multitasking, only if certain apps and software were available on the same platform. Always remember a few things when using these emulators; never download one from a third party source if the software is available in the developer’s website. For Windows systems, ensure that your ‘.NET Frameworks’ is configured properly.

Before installing an app player remember to check for any available updates of your video card. If available, download and install the updates, otherwise it may create unnecessary problems while connecting to the web. To work on these app players, an uninterrupted internet connection is a must.

If the emulator crashes, it automatically tries to connect to the servers to create a crash log for better functionality in the future. Keep your drivers up to date : sound and graphics.

Your Bluestacks or NOX app player should working now. If not go through the guide again to find where you went wrong. You can also try to check for updates of the app player. Pending updates will result in crashes. Keep your system and emulator updated at all times.


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