Now capturing footage and sharing it right on your PC is just a very small legwork. With free screen recorder for PC, you can capture everything on your screen. Be it for a video tutorial, presentation at the workplace.

Are you creating a video tutorial for a game on YouTube? Do you want to teach other fellow users how to use a particular software or an app? I’ve got an efficient engine to pull your train.

Using an analogy will make the concept more clear. We all are acquainted with screenshots. As a screenshot is like taking a photo of desktop, similarly, screen recorder is like recording a video of the desktop using camcorder.

It is now time to take an example to make the concept more clear.

Suppose we are preparing a presentation in Acrobat Reader or PowerPoint and start recording the desktop. As the screen recorder continues, we may switch to our web browser to display a website that adds more stuff to the presentation.

Doing this we can highlight some points available on other websites. Once done, we can again go back to the presentation and continue doing the same.

Work Format of Screen Recorder for PC

The working formula of screen recorder for PC happens to be simple enough. The software simply captures whatever is on the screen and saves the same in AVI format.

But as you go for some more advanced tools the features also gets enhanced.

In addition to whatever is there on the screen, you can also find options to:

  • Live to stream
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Editing
  • Optimize gameplay and so on.


There are things which one must be very careful about while using screen recorder for PC.

There are many free screen recorder for PC available these days. But although some add a watermark to the clip. Also, there are few tools that record only a part of the videos and then start demanding payment.

So, the first thing and the essential thing to do is to choose an appropriate software. So, choose such a software that will not disappoint us.screen recorder for PC- intro

In this article, I have worked out for providing you guys a list of best screen recorder for PC. And the point that will simplify my work is, all of them comes to PC for absolutely no cost.

Yes, I will provide you best free screen recorder for PC that will help you record or stream some high quality and professional video.

And this time you get some real qualitative stuff all either from your desktop or Webcam.

So moving on, we will now find the best screen recorder software for PC.

Plan 1: FlashBack Express

A pretty tiny tool that captures footage from the desktop.

Unlike some other screen recorders that are available these days, FlashBack express will not leave any watermarks on the screen recordings.

This very screen recorder also does not impose any time limits on the video recordings that we are making.

FlashBack Express records sound and audio from the desktop, or from a set of webcam and microphone. This feature makes this screen recorder a favorite of the vloggers.

It also happens to be very useful for video tutorials, software demonstrations, walkthroughs etc.

FlashBack Express is packed with such tools and features, which are hardly found on any premium program of the kind. The recording can be made for various screen sizes.

It can either be done from the whole screen, a specifically selected area, a webcam or even a window. The moment you finish the recording, the same recording appears on the screen.

The recording comes along with an easy to use an editor, which can be used to crop and trim the video recording according to requirement. Once the editing is done the video is now ready to be exported to YouTube, to your PC or to an FTP server.

screen recorder for PC- FlashBack Express

Now, the features that I have discussed till now are fair enough from a free screen recorder.

Now it is the time to reveal the extra punch that FlashBack Express provides for, making this the best free screen recorder for PC. It comes with some exclusive settings that give a professional look to the recordings of the desktop.

The recorder by itself replaces the hazy wallpaper of the desktop with a plain and simple one. It also hides the messed up desktop icons and highlights the mouse arrow to make it pretty more easy to be followed.

Along with this comes a game mode that enables the user to justify the number of frames that are recorded per second. This tool has got another very important feature. FlashBack Express on itself does not set any limit on the length of the recording unless the user sets one.

Also, using this screen recorder the user can break down long recordings into small parts.

The smart editing touch helps users creating long videos and huge files. And added to that also there will be no watermark on the video.

What is good in FlashBack Express?

  • Well inbuilt video editor
  • Perfectly arranged interface
  • You can share or export any format of files.

What is bad in FlashBack Express?

  • Exports file only to WMV format.

Now the time comes when you want to have this screen recorder on your PC. To download FlashBack Express click here.

Although FlashBack Express is enabled with numerous features, this screen recorder for PC is exclusively designed for games. It specializes in capturing high-level in-game HD footage.

Plan 2: OBS Studio

The best screen recorder for PC enabled with features that bring some high-quality video recordings to the users.

OBS Studio has got many features that are sufficient to make the online broadcast of the user a unique one. It provides for a state of the art audio and video mixing.

Along with that, there is a scope of using numerous transitions between the scenes and that too can be customized.

To put the thing more simply, this app enables users to create a fabulous and charismatic stream with complete comfort and ease.

screen recorder for PC- OBS Studio

OBS studio is a free screen recorder for PC that will enable users to do both screening and recording in high definition. It also put no restrictions on the length and number of screen recordings created.

Added to this another advantage of this screen recorder is that it leaves no watermark on the edited video.

Now time for the most important feature of OBS Studio. Since OBS enables recording directly from the graphics card of the PC this happens to be an advantage for gamers. You can easily capture games running in full-screen mode.

Along with this, there are customizable hotkeys that make the controlling of screen recording a more easy task to do.

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Perks of OBS Studio

  • High definition Streaming and recording
  • Unlimited video length. There is no restriction on the length of the video.

Drawbacks of OBS Studio

  • The screen recorder takes a bit of time to set up.

So, to get this all-powerful screen recorder for PC click here.

Although OBS Studio takes some time to set up in PC, it is a terrific and dynamic screen recorder for users.

Plan 3: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

A charismatic screen recorder that is supreme to many other desktop applications.

Perfect screen recording is now just a matter of a  click with Apowersoft free online screen recorder. Being a browser-based tool, it is not the appropriate choice for game recording.

This tool is second to none for recording a presentation or a tutorial, delivering a software demonstration.

When the user uses this tool for the very first time, the tool asks for downloading a tiny launcher application. Then onwards, the user is provided with some controls that are hard to find in any other screen recorder for PC.

You can take any footage with this tool from either a desktop or a webcam. It also enables users to record audio clips from the PC or microphone, either both of them also from none.

screen recorder for PC- Apowersoft

This very tool provides the user with an option to either record the whole screen or to choose a preset resolution manually. This tool is the appropriate choice if the user is recording a YouTube video.

The reason is, recording with this tool the user does not need to resize the clip later using a different video editor.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is really an amazing and exceptional tool. It not only offers a customizable keyboard but also numerous shortcuts that can speed up the user’s work.

Pros of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

  • Too many export options
  • There comes no time limit on the video size
  • The edited final video gets no watermark.

Cons of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

  • This tool is not suitable for game recordings.

So folks, without wasting any further time in thinking about best screen recorder for PC, download this tool.

To download Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder click here.

Now, here I am all done in providing you guys an idea on screen recorder for PC.

Adios for now with the hope that you found the chapter to be informative.

Please do ask for any further queries regarding the matter and do not forget to leave your precious comments.


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