Is your PC becoming slow day by day? Working with the same PC over the years might make the PC slower less decisive. No, my dear readers, it is not your imagination because you are working on the very same PC. It is fact that over the time hard drive of the PC happens to accumulate many things that actually slows down the computer. Coming to the point, if the issue is related to the claim of the RAM then you have been to the correct place. For the next few minutes, our task here we will be to discuss RAM cleaner for PC.

Even though it is in the news that the price of SSD’s has declined in the last couple of years, wasted space has still remained a big issue with our PC. And the primary contributor to the issue is Windows, although it is very sad to hear. Apart from all other things Windows have got a very ill habit of not cleaning itself after every mess.

With the developing technology although the hard drives are getting larger. Even we, the users are getting the issue that the hardware somehow always seems to be fulfilled. And if you are the lucky one to use SSD then the hard drive space offered to you is even lesser. Solid state drives (SSD) bid even lesser hard drive space than the native mechanical hard drives.

Now since we have been talking about RAM, SSD right from the beginning, let us give a pause. I will now briefly discuss these matters as I know many friends of mine are eagerly waiting for me to do so. So here you go, guys:


It stands for ‘Random Access Memory’. It is accredited as primary memory, main memory or sometimes as system memory. This is a hardware device and it grants us storing and retrieving data on the computer. But the main problem with RAM is that it is a volatile memory and power is its main requirement. Once the computer is turned off and all in RAM is lost.

RAM cleaner for PC- The RAM

Keeping it the other way, RAM is the physical hardware that stores data inside the computer temporarily. It is a sort of computer memory which can be randomly accessed. It is basically the computers working memory.


Actually, a solid-state drive is a non-volatile storage device on a computer that uses flash memory to store data. This SSD provides for a much better performance than any hard disk drive.

RAM cleaner for PC- SSD

Solid state devices are basically the secondary storage components that happen to store and retrieve data using some electronic circuits.

Again let us come back to the platform we left. Here, we will find again many a paths amongst which we have got to select.

Traditionally, we can go with the Windows inbuilt system maintenance tools and get the RAM optimized. Believe me, dear ones it is going to be a real time consuming one. Since I care about your time so, today I will introduce you to top 3 RAM cleaner for PC.

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RAM cleaner for PC- Which one for your computer?

While it is our time to choose a RAM cleaner for PC, the set of questions striking the mind would go like:

  • Which RAM cleaner for PC is more user-friendly?
  • Is the RAM cleaner for PC going to make back-ups?
  • Can RAM cleaner for PC sharpen the internet connectivity?
  • Will the RAM cleaner for PC be able to defragment the drives?
  • Is it possible that the RAM cleaner for PC analyzes the hardware?

Oh my God! So many questions all striking the mind. Chill, let’s find out!

The very first task of mine to solve the issue will be to present you a schematic diagram:

RAM cleaner for PC- Schematic diagram

This will be our point of concern for the remaining chapter. I will bring to you the top 5 RAM cleaner for PC which will get your problem solved. Looking at the diagram you almost get your fixes. But there are some more with me to give you.

So here we go:

IOLO System Mechanic

This is one of the top-rated PC optimizers for Windows. This program has got both a free and a Pro version. And the best part still is that even the Pro version comes with more modules but the freeware version is still the best.

RAM cleaner for PC- IOLO

It has a very pleasing and perceptive user interface. It is enabled with the very feature of junk cleanup tool that scans the system to automatically delete the discarded files. In addition to all of these the app comes with a RAM optimizer that cleans up the RAM and speeds up the Windows. Above it, the app is enabled with tools repair internet connections, fix invalid shortcuts and many more.

So, all your worries are gone.

Click here to download IOLO System Mechanic free


Now, this happens to be the award-winning software enabled with a comprehensive user base. This very software can be used to clean up a whole lot of disk space, repair possible errors and remove obsolete software.

RAM cleaner for PC- CCleaner

Note: The freeware version of this app does not include RAM cleaner for PC. For having RAM cleaner for PC you need to have the CCleaner’s full version. You can buy CCleaner full version just click here

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This happens to top the list of your best choices to free the PC from junk data. The cleaning modules of the software comprise of:

  • Custom Windows pluck.
  • An extensive feature of system and hardware analysis.
  • It has a full control over autostart programs of the computer.
  • Just a matter of 1-click cleans and repairs the Windows system.
  • It very safely deletes junk files, outdated Windows Registry entries.

RAM cleaner for PC- Ashampoo

Glary Utilities 5

Again this is another RAM cleaner for PC that comes for both free and Pro version. The RAM optimizer of this program more specifically lets the user select the specific amount of RAM to be cleaned up. Some important tools included in the app are:

  • Windows registry cleaner
  • Disk cleaner
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Startup manager
  • Uninstall manager

RAM cleaner for PC- Glary Utilities 5

To get this wonderful RAM cleaner for PC click the Download Now on the website page.


This is a class RAM cleaner for PC which again comes in Free and Pro versions. This program has 25 modules for optimization in a single program. The software includes:

  • RAM optimizer
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Disk Defrag
  • Startup Cleaner
  • Remover Tools
  • Uninstall Manager
  • Shortcut Fixer

RAM cleaner for PC- WinUtilities

What more you need from a optimization tool?

So guys I am done with introducing to you some top rated RAM cleaner for PC. Its time now to say hasta la vista but, before that please donot forget leaving your priceless comments.


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