Stuck with Quickbooks?

We can Help! Here are ways you can deal with QuickBooks and its services. 

What is Quickbooks?

QuickBooks customer support provides accounting services and offers cloud based storage service along with the managing of business payments, bills, and payroll services. 

About QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is accounting software that allows accounting information regarding the financial and other business accounts. With the useful nature and texture for small business entrepreneurs, QuickBooks offers accounting applications along with cloud based storage. Contributing in allowing the user to pay bills and payroll, ultimately the customer can execute the business transactions and payments.  


About the products and services of QuickBooks 

  • QuickBooks self-employed: – If you are new and freelancer than QuickBooks will help you manage your business and tax throughout the year. Enabling you learns the new way of doing the business and provides you with the tools and software, QuickBooks self-employed also manages your business related work. 
  • QuickBooks Online: – A trending version of online accounting software that allows you to manage and control all your accounting information. Navigate all your account at one place and can control them from anywhere around the world. Moreover, makes your payment method more secure and fast. Keeps track of your money you have spent. 
  • QuickBooks Pro: – QuickBooks Pro is a series of software that is useful for keeping and organizing your business in more systematic and synchronized way. Apart from keeping track of your business performance and backup of your important business documents, QuickBooks Pro helps you know where your business stands and simplify all your business matters. 
  • QuickBooks Payroll: – QuickBooks payroll is a service is a subscription that activates all the payment related software on your desktop. The application includes features such as pay for the small business, online payroll, payroll solutions, payroll checks and payroll calculators. 
  • QuickBooks payment: – A safe option for you to pay bills, executes secure online transaction related to your business and manages your financial accounts. Also, keeps track of your all invoices, makes payment faster, payments and invoices are automatically reconciled. Moreover, payments made through this software directly go to the bank. 

Features of QuickBooks 

  • QuickBooks has integrated web based features. 
  • Remote access capabilities, remote assistance and remote payroll and outsourcing. 
  • QuickBooks features are online banking, electronic online function, and reconciliation.  
  • 24*7 managing and controlling of your account and information.  
  • Safety and security assurance is confirmed regarding all your accounts and transaction. 
  • Provides business related strategies and ideas.  
  • Safe firms and services. 
  • Online assistance.
  • Anytime anywhere supports. 

How to Login in QuickBooks?

It gets frustrating!

Fix 1: Another Browser

This is a simple fix – use another browser. If I can’t log in with Chrome I can still log in with Firefox or Internet Explorer. Hey, I have to have Internet Explorer on my system because that is required for some features in QuickBooks Desktop, and even for some features in QuickBooks Online (you have to use IE to export your data back to QuickBooks Desktop, for example).

While this works, I don’t like it. I am used to how Chrome works, I want to make it work!

Fix 2: Chrome Incognito

This is a nifty feature in the Chrome browser, Incognito mode. Essentially, Chrome opens a window that won’t record your browsing and download history, won’t permanently save any new cookies, things like that. It is simple to use, and in those times when you can’t log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant account in a normal Chrome window, using incognito mode always works.

Click the customize and control icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser and select New incognito window (you can also use the Windows shortcut Ctrl-Shift-N).

New Chrome Incognito window

This will open a separate window in “incognito mode” – note the icon in the upper left corner.

Incognito mode

Once you open this window you can log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant without any problems. Note that while in incognito mode most of your Chrome extensions will be disabled, which is a disadvantage.

Fix 3: Clear Your Cache/History

If you don’t like the effects of the prior two fixes, you can clear your browsing cache and history to get into QuickBooks Online Accountant in a normal browser window. Click the customize and control icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser and select Settings.

Chrome Settings

Select the History tab on the left, then click the Clear browsing data button.

Chrome History

In the window that opens, check the boxes for browsing history, cookies and other site and plug-in data, and cached images and files. Select the obliterate setting of the beginning of time and click the Clear browsing data button.

Clear browsing data

This removes your history, saved cookies and cached files. Sometimes it is annoying to lose this information. For example, if you have any websites that you chose to remain logged into then that information is lost and you’ll have to log in again. On the other hand, some people think it is a good idea to do this periodically anyways.

In any case, we get the results we want – we can log in again without any trouble.

Fix 4: Another Chrome User

Here’s another approach that borrows some of the features of Fix 2 (clearing your cache) but can avoid some of the hassles. You can create an additional “Chrome User”, and use that just for working with QuickBooks Online. You are less likely to find that Chrome gets stuck as far as QuickBooks Online logins in the first place, and if it does then you can clear the cache/history for just this user. You don’t lose your browser history and settings for your other Chrome user, so you don’t have the hassles that causes.

Open the Chrome menu (the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner) as before, select the Settings tab on the left. Near the bottom of the page you will see a Users section. Click Add new user to get this dialog.

Add a Chrome User