Crazy for play station? Now the gamers get to be the boss with the launch of ps4 now app. PS4 for PC is the next best thing to have if you are a fan of Killzone shadow fall, ultra street fighter, hell driver and more.


You can easily use the ps4 controller with your Pc to get racing along the way. Ps4 has always been the center of attraction for gaming enthusiasts and now that it’s easily available for Pc I can see your excitement right across the screen buddy.

All about PS4 for PC

There is nothing more exciting than playing games on your favorite play station and without beating around the bush I will disclose all about Ps4 for PC. The installation of the app is easily available on your personal computer for both the platforms.

Here is how you can deal with any issues related to ps4 for PC, follow the answered questions and you will be able to cover all up just fine.

How do I play PS Games on my PC?

All you have to do to play the PlayStation games on your PC is via an app which is called the PSNow app. Here is how you can install PS4 for PC; Just click here

How can I get my favorite games out there?

The further you get to the installation process the easier it gets, PS4 for PC recently have been one of the best things in focus. In order to get your favorite games, you simply have to make an account in your PSN account if you haven’t already.

download the games

the next thing you have to do is plugin the DualShock 4 or any wireless adaptor that you use in order to connect to your PC and download all the games.

Whats Trending in PS4 for PC?

You do need to know this if I can be this excited across the screen writing about it your exciting better be off the radar.


Sony broke the big news to the PS lovers by introducing some of the most wanted games now available for PC. You would love to see the amount of collection this site has, let me name a few to tell you what to expect.

Check out the game list for PS4

  • Killzone shadow fall
  • Saints row iv: REelected
  • Ultra street fighter
  • Tropico 5
  • God of war 4 Remastered
  • Akiba’s beat

The list goes on and recently Sony announced that they will keep adding and increasing the game list for the PS lovers to have sufficient supply of entertainment.

god of war in ps4

Once you are on to the games on your PC there is one more thing which you will really need. The PS4 for pc will be no fun without the controller, here is all about the Controller crew.

Play PS4 for PC with controller

The entire gamechanger lies with the controller, and previously connecting your controller to the PC was difficult, complicated and gave out hilarious results. Now that sony came out with the solution, with the advancement of technology and better hardware you can connect the controller to your PS4 PC party.

ps4 controller

Wireless or Wired?

If you are eager to spend extra bucks to get the wireless adapter, be my guest.Wireless adapter for PS4, sounds fancy isn’t? which also happens to be rare in supplies with additional costs. Keeping the majority affordability over the controller I would like to mention the way to connect your controller to a micro USB cable.

Set up your PS4 controller for PC

even though people have complicated the procedure by elaborating and spreading rumors but its nothing like that. Initially, if you are unfamiliar with some connecting hacks you may face issues but once you know hat to plugin where it gets pretty easy.

You have to simply plugin the connections and in some time you will have the driver ready. Just physically push the driver into your USB slot and in no time your pairing starts, you have to hold on to the share and PS button together on the dual shock 4. Soon you will have your wireless adapter connected to the controller and to connect it to the PS4 again just plug in the micro USB to connect.

More on PS4 NOW

If you will using it, better know all about it, no wonder this app launch was a total savior for gamers. I meant for gamers who are unwilling to seriously invest on gaming, they are possibly covered with this launch.

Let me give you some insight into what you can do with PSN, works pretty well with smart TV, PSTVs and more. though you may come across some additional drama when you are to have PlayStation on your PC. So in order to escape all the trouble know that PC apps work well with the DS4 support.

All you have got to do is install the app and boot it up.

Just so you know PS Now is compatible with any controller, and DualShock 3 and 4 is one of the best deal you can go for. There is one more thing you must know about connecting the controller is that you have to be familiar with old-fashioned mouse and keyboard. you may want to know why because DS4 does not really work outside PS now Menu.

There are again questions which many users face related to PS4 for PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might want to know basic stuff sometimes and on my suggestion its absolutely necessary because hey we forget things, Right?

1.How to stream PS4 to my PC?

Just install a remote play software and connect your PC be it any platform mac or Windows with the USB. Now once you have everything ready just launch the PS4 remote play, you have to sign in and check the settings to fill the PlayStation details that you have to get going.

2.How to connect windows 10 with a PS4 controller?

You can easily connect your PS4 controller with your windows 10 with the help of bluetooth. You just have to keep your Bluetooth on in your windows PC and hold on to the PS and Share button on your controller and you are set.

As the end of the session you just have to click open the input Mapper to have your controller ready to use.

3.What is required to hook up my laptop to PS4?

You just have to know one simple thing when it comes to PS4 playing on your laptop. Your laptop has to have the video input and HDMI inputs in order to link up the ps4 gaming intake.

really informative, right? Now all you have to do is get started with your PS4 PC. If you are interested in the remote play concept I have a small paragraph to support the reality.

Remote Play

Before anything else you have to know that the only controller that works with the Remote play is the DS4, so you will not be getting any shortcut to the controller crew.

Remote play concept?

When you can play your favorite PS4 games on your computer screen, and let me tell you how to deal with this. You just have to download the software to your PC, just enable the remote control option in your PS4 settings and you are golden.

Get Going with PS4 for PC

This concept of gaming is absolutely expendable when it comes to PS4. Every user with an eye for racy games and super sound effects will enjoy reading this article. I stacked up all the information into readable word count for you. If there is any question you want to be answered, leave a comment till then Happy Gaming.


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