Is Prisma PC App worth using?

Everyone who has used Prisma before or those who are still using it, know very well that Prisma exists only as an application.

And all the amazing editing perks of Prisma you can enjoy on your smartphone itself.

Then, why opt Prisma on PC?

Let me take you on a colorful journey to answer the above questions.

You will learn everything you need to know about Prisma.

So, let us start!

The various colors of Prisma

Prisma PC App

I am sure many of you have seen famous paintings of da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso and wondered what if your pictures could turn like them.

Prisma PC App lets you do that!

You can transform your pictures into several artforms and edit them in a unique way.

Ever seen a prism work?

Prisma is similar to that prism. Just one photo of yours and so many art forms to change into!

Not only just photos, even you can transform your videos altogether differently.

Instagram is cool. There is no doubt about that. But, I got easily bored applying the same set of filters each time.

And for all those who are, Prisma is just the thing for you. What makes the app amazing are the various filters.

So far so good. Let us venture a little further.

Turn your gallery into a comic book!

Every photo or video in your gallery can turn artistic. But that is not just all.

Prisma has so many more features-

  • Discover Prisma photos from other users.

Prisma for PC

The Prisma PC App has a feed with which, you can see the millions of photos shared by other Prisma users from all around the globe.

  • An amazing combination of artwork and AI.

Prisma for PC

When you upload a photo on Prisma and edit it, it does not just apply a filter of choice. Rather, it scans the image data and gives the best effect on your media.

  • Process videos without an internet.

In the new Prisma update, you can turn an entire video clip into an impressive animation show with Prisma filters.

To do this, you need neither internet connection nor spend a huge amount of time.

Everything happens under a minute!

Currently, you can enjoy nine different styles of videos available in the app.

Prisma for PC

  • Clip your background if you do not like it.

Prisma for PC

  • Crop unnecessary things and rotate as you wish.

Both these features came with the new update.

But there is a catch!

The crop function will not be available for you if you have clicked the picture from the Prisma PC app.

Prisma for PC

  • Now, just like Instagram, control the filter blend of your photo.

This has also been introduced in the recent updates. You have the option to change the filter blend from 0-100%.

One wonderful thing about Prisma is, whenever you change the blend filter, the changes do not overlap on the image.

Prisma creates a completely separate background right from the basic level.

And the whole filtering process has been enhanced. You do not have to wait for much longer.

If you are an iOS user, you are a step ahead.

Only you have the split screen function. That means you can simultaneously use the original and the edited versions.

  • Lastly, there is no need to create an account!

Just install, open and enjoy!

Attractive features, aren’t they?

Now, let me tell you how you can use them.

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What can you do with Prisma PC App?

The moment you get started using Prisma, you will realize that it much more than just a photo editing app.

Let me tell you what all you can do and how you can work with Prisma.

  • When you will open the app, you will see that the screen splits into two parts. In the top half, you can see the “camera view” and in the bottom half, you can see options like camera capture, video capture button (iOS only), camera rotation, flash, and access your camera roll.

You can capture and open your gallery on the same screen!

  • Working on Prisma is more or less like editing on Instagram.

Filter lists in a lower carousal, swiping across for more option, changing the blend by clicking on a filter etc. makes it quite easy to use.

  • Even video editing for iOS users is much like Instagram.
  • You also are provided with options to share the edited photos on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Whenever you edit a photo on Prisma app, after the final edit, you will see a “Prisma” watermark in the lower left corner.

No worries! You can easily remove it.

You just need to click on the Settings and turn off the “Enable Watermark” option.

That should do it for you!

Why Prisma for PC?

As I already mentioned, Prisma only exists as app version. And that is great because your smartphone photo-editing has reached a whole new level.

Then, why would you download Prisma PC App?

  • Your mobile space is saved with Prisma on PC.

A lot of your smartphone memory is saved when you install Prisma on your PC. All your editing and masterpieces are saved directly on the computer hard-drive.

  • Explore Prisma on a larger screen.

You don’t have to stress all your editing on a small screen.

Enjoy the art of editing on Prisma now on your Windows or Mac PC.

How can you download Prisma for PC?(Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac)

There is no “.exe” file available for download directly.

To run Prisma PC App, you will need Android emulators. Th best one I would recommend to you in BlueStacks.

To download BlueStacks on your PC, click on the link.

As soon as BlueStacks is installed on your system, go through the following steps-

  • You need to download Prisma apk from here.
  • Now, open the Prisma apk file.
  • This will initiate a process for installing Prisma on your PC. Wait for a while until it the installation is complete.
  • Find the Prisma shortcut on BlueStacks main screen. Click to open it.

You are good to go!

There is another way to do this. And this is rather easier.

  • Since you have already installed BlueStacks, simply open the Google Play Store.
  • Type in “Prisma”.

If you are a Mac user, you need to configure your Google Account first.

  • Click on “Install”

This should install the Prisma app on your BlueStacks.

Concluding our colorful journey!

I am sure you all know now that Prisma lets you do something extraordinary with your photos or videos and not just edit them.

And your editing artful experience is enhanced when you get Prisma for PC.

Install Prisma today on your Windows and Mac PC and see your media turn into sets of masterpieces.

Let me know your thoughts on the article. Also, if you are facing any kind of issues related to Prisma PC App, let me know in the comments section.

Adios until next time!


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