Rooting a device has become a part and parcel of any Android user. Although designed for Android, now, you can also get Kingroot PC, both for Windows and Mac supported systems.

kingroot-app for pc

And who wouldn’t go for it, if you can clean up your device as well? Kingroot gives you the provision to do so.

With Kingroot PC, you can boost up your desktop, clean up adware and malware, viruses, speed up etc.

Read this article to learn how can you get Kingroot for PC, install and download it to your Windows and Mac OS.

Getting started with Kingroot PC

What happens when you root your device?

When you choose to root, you are gaining all the administrative rights of your device and permissions to bring a change.

You gain a large number of benefits, like changing system privacy, speeding up, memory defragmentation etc.

Kingroot is one such “one-click” rooting app on Android.

Just a click and you can enjoy everything related to rooting.

Kingroot gives you all permissions by default. It has a wide range of functions starting from rooting your phone to cleaning it up.

kingroot PC App

Features of Kingroot

Rooting your device using Kingroot app gives you loads of advantages. These are obtained through the remarkable features of Kingroot PC.

Let us look at them-

  • Removing Bloatware from your device

Ther are times when too many apps are running consecutively on your device. Even some them are running in the background!

As a result, the performance of your phone is lowered, not to mention memory is all jammed.

Using Kingroot PC immediately eliminates such bloatware and optimizes your system.

  • Get custom ROMs in your hands.

It is only for those who do not like stocking up Android. Custom ROMs boosts up your device performance.

It gives you certain features like Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod etc.

This option is very useful if you wish to update your Android or downgrade it as well.

  • Expanded domains of Back up

It gives you access to certain cloud feature.


You can root your device and still get all your old apps. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Get info about all latest updates quickly

Rooting devices require latest updates and you cannot afford to wait for long.

Kingroot gives you latest updates quickly and in hand. Wait no more for developers to update you.

  • Complete automated rooting

You have to do nothing manually as far as rooting is concerned. Kingroot PC is completely automatic.

Just backup beforehand!

  • No worry about Android version

Kingroot supports all android versions- right from 2.0 to 5.1. It runs smoothly without a lag or glitch.

  • Efficient and secure
  • Speed up your device

Not only get rid of Bloatware, but you can free up cached memories and unwanted data too. Kingroot app gives you the option to do so.

  • Remove Ads

Ads can act very annoying as they start popping up randomly. Also, the ads can bring in a lot of bugs and viruses t ham your system.

Customize Kingroot app

Since you can root your phone using Kingroot, you gain all administrative privileges.

The best thing is you can install Custom ROM on your Android which gives you so much more.

I would take the name of CyanogenMod. This “extra ROM” feature gives you following-

  • Upgrading/downgrading android
  • CPU over and underclocking
  • DSP equalizer
  • A complete theme set
  • customized lock screen gestures

Another popular one is Paranoid Android. This offers you-

  • UI customization
  • multitasking options
  • floating notifications
  • hidden navigation
  • gesture controlling options
  • PIE mode

the only thing you need to keep in mind is it does not support all devices, but a few.

How does Kingroot PC work?

Rooting with Kingroot app is completely legal and safe. The thing is it takes advantage of the Android setbacks to start.

Turn off your anti-virus, if you have one! It deems Kingroot as a threat.

Once it is installed, a screen will appear with Chinese instruction.

Do not be worried! Here is what it says-

kingroot for PC

  • (Below left): The star rating out of three tells you the success rate of your rooting with the Android version.
  • (Below center): It shows the estimated time divided into minutes that the whole process will take.
  • The text below right shows the number of times devices with same specifications (model number, Android etc.) have been successfully rooted.

Moreover, you can also find a blue button below everything. This is an indication of the rooting process.

The number or percentage you see in the picture shows you much your Android phone rooting has completed.

There is a notice at the bottom, on the right-hand side of the Root button. kingroot for PC

It says that it is normal for your device to restart during the rooting process.

So, do not panic!

Pros of Kingroot App

To emphasize the usefulness of the app, let me tell you the pros Kingroot represents.

  • Root your device with just a single click

I have told earlier that this app lets you root your device with just a click which is great, because, you have nothing to do manually.

All you will need is the updated version of Kingroot from the Play Store.

  • No need for an active Internet connection

You will need internet just to install the app. That is all.

Starting from your rooting until your completion and system restart, you won’t need internet.

  • Spend not a single penny

You have to spend nothing. Unlike other rooting software, Kingroot PC does not charge anything.

All its services and functions are free and come with the app itself.

 Cons of Kingroot

  • No scope for installing personal SU

The new Kingroot update has left no scope for you to install your own SU management.

If you thinking of replacing it with SuperSU, you are at a loss.

  • Adware

The new version comes with adware which is definitely not desired.

Getting Kingroot for PC

Kingroot app is fully Android-based. So, you will need an emulator.

I would recommend you Bluestacks which is perhaps the best. It is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.

Let us now start with installing Bluestacks on PC, whether be it Windows or Mac. So, those who know about it or are using it can skip this section.

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Installing BlueStacks

As I said, it is one of the most widespread emulators. It lets you run an Android environment on your Windows or Mac OS.

Both Windows and Mac users, follow these steps to install-

  • Visit the official BlueStacks website.
  • Windows and Mac users choose the compatible download mirror.
  • Click on Download.
  • Go to the downloaded folder and open the file.
  • Keep on clicking Next and then “Accept” the terms and agreements.
  • Wait until it is installed.

Your PC has now BlueStacks in it.

Installing Kingroot app on Windows and Mac PC

With BlueStacks installed on your system, your PC is now working on an Android device.

To install and download Kingroot app, follow the steps-

  • Go to Google Play Store on Bluestacks home screen.
  • open it. If you are a Mac user, you need to configure your Google ID at first in order to proceed.

Windows users are just fine!

  • Once you have configured your account (only Mac), open Google Play Store on BlueStacks.
  • Search for Kingroot app in the search bar.
  • Click on  Install button.
  • A shortcut is created on the Bluestacks home screen.

Mac users, you need to drag the icon to the Applications folder.

  •  Double click on the icon and your Kingroot is ready.

Root your Android with Kingroot powered Windows PC

Having Kingroot on PC, helps you to root your Android using it.

Windows PC users, follow these steps-

  • Plug in your Android smartphone to your PC. Since you have pre-installed Kingroot, it will automatically detect the model number and the Android version.

In case you do not a device driver, Kingroot will install it for you. Just make sure, you have an active internet connection.

If you have it, as I said, Kingroot will detect it. You need to do nothing.

  • You now have to enable the debug mode on your Android smartphone.
  • Once you have enabled, click on Start to Root option.
  • Just as rooting shows a percentile progress on your Android with Kingroot here too, you will see the same.
  • Your device might restart several times. Do not interrupt it.
  • A notification will pop up with a big tick showing that your rooting is now completed.
  • Your device will now restart automatically. You rooting is a success.

Root your Android with Kingroot powered Mac PC

The process to root your Android device with Mac is very much similar to that if the previous process.

Only you need to keep the following points in mind-

  • charge your battery full. You will need it.
  • Back up all your data so that you do not lose anything after rooting is complete
  • Close all anti-virus and firewalls. The rooting might not be a success.

Rest, you need to follow the previous steps. Nothing else!

Start your rooting today!

When you root your Android, you release the full strength. Every latent piece of unknown info and technological advantages are open for you to access.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your Kingroot PC today and enjoy the complete perks what Android has to offer to you.

Customize your phone, optimize its performance and do so much more with Kingroot app.

Having installation troubles or any other issue?

Why don’t you drop your query in the comments section?

I will try my best to solve them.

See you next time!


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