Wouldn’t it be boring to just watch something irrelevant in your video? It is. Right! Kinemaster on PC lets you put some alterations and embed a wonderful track in the same video. 

Let’s talk about this slick video editing software first. Then we shall discuss the downloading procedure.

Beginners Track to KineMaster on PC

KineMaster on PC is one of the most polished and powerful video editing apps designed alike for both professionals and non-professionals.

KineMaster is basically a highly featured free video editor app developed for Android. The thing which adds to the advantage of using KineMaster on PC is its usability.

Moving forward, in this tech era, the lane between the PC and smartphones have narrowed down. We belong to a platform from where everyone has the ability to set up a professional video sitting right in front of your PC.

Yes, the video editing software is now available on the Windows platform too. We now have KineMaster on PC developed for our desktop computers.

Features Not to Miss out on KineMaster

Some features of KineMaster on PC that makes it count as one of the best video editing apps are:

KineMaster on PC-basic image

  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • Manual trimming and cropping the video clips
  • Layers of text can be added to the video clips
  • Without any quality loss, users can edit HD videos
  • Fast preview of all the edits is now on your computer screen
  • Users can choose from a range of themes and visual effects


This app lets you control saturation, hue, exposure, shadow and brightness. Video or audio can now be recorded in real time from within the KineMaster on PC itself.

Multiple layers of images, stickers, effects, and video are just matter of few steps with KineMaster on PC. The superb advantage of the audio filter along with voice changer makes KineMaster for PC  more exclusive for the users

Videos edited with KineMaster for PC can be directly shared on social media like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Once we are done with the features of this video editing utility let’ s have a look forward to the formats that are supported by KineMaster on PC.

 Video Formats that work with KineMaster on PC

  • .mp4
  • .3gp
  • .mov

Audio Formats Supported by KineMaster on PC

  •  .mp3
  • .m4a
  • .aac

Image Formats Compatible with KineMaster on PC

  • .jpg
  • .png

Basic Requirements for Kinemaster

Now when you already know the advantages of Kinemaster on PC, let’s move ahead and find out its system requirements.

KineMaster on PC - system requirements

  • A working Windows desktop or computer
  • A minimum 2GB of RAM is mandatory
  • An Android emulator, preferably BlueStacks
  • A strong internet connection

makes up for all the system requirements to have KineMaster on PC.

Easy Steps to Download KineMaster on PC

Before getting the right way to download KineMaster on PC users need to get an Android emulator on their PC. The very fact that KineMaster is still not officially available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Vista PC calls for the Android emulator.

An Android emulator helps your Windows operating system to run Android applications. So let us begin by downloading the Android emulator and them move ahead to get KineMaster on PC.

  • To download Bluestacks click here.
  • The very next step is installing the Bluestacks software by clicking on the very file and select run.
  • This lets the PC start the installation process by opening an installation window.
  • Once BlueStacks is installed on PC users just need to go for launching it.
  • The very next step for the users to follow is adding their Google account and logging in to have access to Google Play on BlueStacks.
  • As and when the BlueStacks loads on the desktop screen, all that the users need to do is find the Search box in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

KineMaster on PC- Bluestacks screen

  • The very next step is to search for KineMaster on PC in the search box.
  • Doing that comes on the screen a list of apps containing the name KineMaster in it.
  • Users need to find and click the one developed by NexStreaming Corp.
  • Clicking the appropriate one the app page opens on the computer screen. As users click on the install button the PC will download and install KineMaster on PC.

KineMaster on PC-install the app

  • Moving ahead, the KineMaster on PC will ask your permission to have access to your PC’s information. Just go through them for once and click Accept.
  • After completing the installation process users will get a notification as they do get on any other Android device.
  • The final step yet remains to click the logo of KineMaster on PC screen and explore the world of video editing.

KineMaster on PC - logo

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Internet Speed Plays a Major Role

Depending on the internet speed it may take a few while for users to get through the entire process. Again while one has a sound internet connection the same remains an issue no more. Things get downloaded at once.

While you go through the steps you will find them transparent and the entire process becomes effortless.

But a pleasant request to you from my side is to give a thorough reading of the steps before starting the work.

So, let the download complete and install Kinemaster on PC. All you now do is work out with this video editing utility to get some quality stuff.

KineMaster On PC is Optimum – why?

While working with any video editing app our primary concern the quality of output generated from the app. That’s the very reason for users to choose KineMaster on PC even with a bundle of apps for video editing.

Apart from that, there are some other concerns too that makes KineMaster that important for us. The comfort and satisfaction that users get working with the software KineMaster on PC is a matter that we must focus on.

Every those feature that can polish a video and generate a supreme movie using pretty video clips is available.

My Wrap Up

In the article, I have tried wrapping all the major aspects of KineMaster on PC.

It’s now the turn for my reader friends to make the best use of these pieces of information provided in the article.

Please do not forget to leave your precious suggestions and DIY steps in the comments section.


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