Whilst signing up on a connection Internet speed providers make huge claims regarding upload and download speed. In reality, have you ever found those actual numbers while connected to the network? Never. Correct! Let’s here look out for some internet speed meter on PC.

A Good Internet Speed Mbps

Working on PC we sometimes find the internet speed is getting slow.The presence of a virus or a malware may be a reason. Of course, the other may be that you have subscribed to a slow internet package. 

A Simple Example to Explain Internet Speed

Say, the internet package that I use for my PC gives me a speed of 5Mbps. Now, the question is, do we get the very same speed that our ISP provider commits us. Not always. Right!

Honestly speaking,

The very fact is we misinterpret the difference between 1Mbps and 1MBps. Well, technically the difference is not only of the font. Writing 1Mbps means One MegaBit Per Second.

But, if it is 1MBps then it stands for One MegaByte Per Second. The big reason to create a difference.

In reality, this 1MBps > 1Mbps, the very reason behind this is Byte > Bit. Again 1Byte = 8Bits. 

Relating Internet, Download and Browsing Speed

After having a clear concept of bit and byte, the very next question is how to calculate the actual download speed before choosing an internet package.

To get the answer you can simply take help of your web browser or there is another simple calculation to get the answer.

You will just have to divide the Mbps speed by 8 to get the MBps speed. And, in the same way, Kbps speed divided by 8 gives KBps speed.

So now onwards, if my ISP is committing me a speed of 5Mbps, then the maximum download speed that my PC is eligible for is 625KBps or 0.625MBps.

The fundamental problem that users face is many of us do not have the very idea about the download speed while we are howling for a greater speed.

Now onwards, you need not depend on your ISP, you can calculate the maximum download speed of your package.

Necessity of Internet Speed Meter on PC

Waiting for a long while to get some important stuff downloaded is very much annoying. A pretty good idea to work out with the same can be keeping a look on the bandwidth.

Having an internet speed meter on PC lets you know about any congestion in the connection or what is the true connection speed.

For the remaining part of the chapter, we will be discussing some tools that are available these days to monitor the internet connection, data usage, bandwidth of our PC.

Possible issues:

  • The bandwidth issue
  • Congestion within the network

Everything can now be checked and controlled accordingly. So, here we go with some best and obviously free internet speed meter on PC.

Monitoring Internet Bandwidth Using Bitmeter OS

Internet plans always do not offer unlimited bandwidth. Bitmeter OS is a good cross-platform open source software for bandwidth monitoring on PC.

Bitmeter OS is an internet speed meter on PC compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. 

Using graphs and charts to give a visual representation, Bitmeter OS enables users to keep a close watch on the internet usage. 

The tool updates the graphs every second and that gives users the detailed information regarding the internet speed and consumption.

Internet Speed Meter on PC - Bitmeter OS

Added to that the bandwidth monitoring tool has a calculator utility. The calculator calculates how long will it take to send a file of a particular size.

The calculation is done taking into consideration the upload and download speed of the internet connection.

The user interface of the tool is very much easy to use and at the same time very intuitive. On the whole, BitMeterOS is an appropriate internet speed meter on PC. 

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BandwidthD to Monitor Internet Network

BandwidthD is a free internet speed meter on PC that eases our monitoring of the internet consumption. With an easy user interface, BandwidthD is compatible with almost all the platforms of Windows and also with Unix.

The unique features of this internet speed meter on PC are:

  • IPs form some graphical representations. The very same is exhibited on 2day, 8day, 40day, and 400day of usage by default.
  • Results of bandwidth usage, generated in form of HTML files are represented by graphs and tables.
  • Option to log out usage made by each IP address every 3.3minutes, 10minutes, 1hour or 12hours.
  • The log outs again are available in cdf format or can even be exported to a backend server.

The traffic information is color-coded in HTTP, TCP, P2P, ICMP, UDP, and VPN.

Internet Speed Meter on PC - BandwidthD

BandwidthD serves to be a very important internet speed meter on PC.

FreeMeter Internet Speed Meter on PC

FreeMeter is a lightweight, user-friendly internet speed meter on PC. It is a straightforward bandwidth monitoring utility that helps users to monitor and analyze the network speed.

Users can see the real-time visual representation of each and every data that is uploaded or downloaded. On the main panel, the users can see the network data usage.

Internet Speed Meter on PC - FreeMeter

Portability of the tool makes it a very much user-friendly. As a result, users can run the same from anywhere on the hard drive. They can even store it on USB flash drive and directly execute it on PC.

After the program is removed from the PC, the program does not leave any trace of items on the hard drive or in Windows Registry.

The tool comes with a small sized interface and that can be placed on any part of the PC’s display. Upon its launch, two graphs measuring the current disk usage and the CPU usage ticks on the display.

Users can also take a look at the total amount of RAM and the amount of RAM left. This makes the utility much more useful users who need to run several applications at once.

Check Internet Speed with NetSpeedMonitor

This is another network monitoring tool that helps users to keep a close watch on the internet connection at every point in time.

The very internet speed meter on PC  not only enables users to monitor the speed of the internet connection, even measures the monthly allowance users have used. 

Being a compact and lightweight software the tool monitors the current upload and download speed of the internet connection. This also enables the users to track the volume of data transferred. 

The users can view the network usage data for a particular day or for the entire month.

Internet Speed Meter on PC - NetSpeedMonitor

The basic interface added with the neat and simple design makes this an easy to use tool for users. The users can view the entire list of TCP and UDP (system endpoints).

The local and remote addresses of the TCP networks along with their particular status can also be viewed using this internet speed meter on PC.

Added to that, there are some enhanced settings within the tool making NetSpeedMeter more trendy to be used by any user. 

The user interface can be customized according to the choice of the user. Users can adjust the font position, size, and name.

Viewing the entire quantity of data transferred and received for each network interface on a single day is an added advantage. On the whole, this particular tool that is simple and easy internet speed meter on PC to work with.

BitMeter2 as Internet speed meter on PC

When the matter of concern is an internet speed meter on PC, Bitmeter2 is second to none on the list.

Being a user-friendly application Bitmeter2 monitors the bandwidth of internet for an unlimited time period.

The tool uses some floating graphs to make users be able to keep a close watch on the internet speed. The graphs again display the upload and download speed of the network connection. And the best part about the graphs is that they are pretty easy to be followed.

Internet Speed Meter on PC - Bitmeter2

BitMeter 2 is that it comes absolutely free of any cost, added to that, the internet speed meter on PC has no mentioned time limit for the program. The best part of Bitmeter2 is the program is absolutely free from any spyware or adware.

Apart from being a very compact and small sized application, BitMeter2 offers some advantages that are hard to find. The users of this utility can customize the color and the transparency of the desktop screen.

The application comes with an inbuilt calculator. The one that helps users calculate the size and speed of the files uploaded and downloaded.

Along with that, users of the application can set up automatic or manual backups. The backup taken can later help users to recover the settings and activity history. Also, the users can configure the ISP Restrictions composition without any trouble.

Wrapping up the Session

Working out with an internet speed meter on PC gives users a detailed list of PC’s upload and download speed. Consecutively that also gives the users a proper idea if the ISP is moving with his claim of the broadband contract.

Although, there are a lot of options these days to test the internet bandwidth. Again a fact to be always remembered some internet speed meter on PC is truly better than any other.

In this chapter, I have tried to narrow down the broad range of internet speed meter on PC available these days. I have listed five internet testing terminals for you to try in your web browser.

With all that it is now time to take a leave. Please do not forget to leave your valuable suggestions in the comment section below.


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