What is iMovie?
Though I am not a fan of Apple even I can agree with the statement that movie know it’s job well, and by knowing the video editing well I meant chewed down to the bones. This complex looking software, iMovie For PC does wonders and has certain hacks and feature which can spread the charm on your edit and make it even more beautiful. Why did I mention it to be complex looking? Well, be my guest.

iMovie For PC

I know right, To me? honestly, that’s just some next level editing software, too fancy to be handled by a mundane. Yet know that you are mistaken, rather I was mistaken. This software is user-friendly, am not saying it’s a child play but yes once you get the hang of it, it can rate the best editing app for video makers like Garageband is to musicians.


First of all because of its FREE, and has some of the rare features that most of the common video editor doesn’t possess. This application rates on some of the best video editors list due to its density to create a work of art.

Best features of iMovies for PC

iMovie For PC

Depends on what you are looking for, whether you want to edit your video and add the best transition or you want an application to turn your video into a Hollywood spoiler, imovie can be of best help. The features to start with are amazingly fresh and it will give you stunning movies once you get over with editing. Check out some of these features, am sure if you have an editor’s eye you will favoritize this app this instant.
Making movies got a lot easier than before, it’s just that you capture the stuff you want and get that junk assembled together to turn it into a special movie clip with the help of iMovie.
⦁ Simply just choose your clip, you can use the fueling features such as merge two videos, slip them apart, crop, rotate or even enhance.
⦁ To give a professional looking clip you have high-end transitions with time adjustments
⦁ The enhanced video special effects is next level followed with clear audio system
⦁ You might have a brilliant camera yet some filter on iMovie really does the magic, with professional looking denoise brightness, chroma key, etc.
⦁ Most of all you can get 2d and 3d videos asleep on an easy going timeline.
⦁ Not just transitions and filters but iMovie also offers several import options to help the users to the maximum. Helping them to import a video file from DV/AVCHD to TV-tuners, it helps to share the clips on social media, and you can record an audio directly while editing with the help o a microphone.
⦁ Most of all, the integration that this application has is an additional advantage to the user because it offers a platform to share the edited work with the social media.
Getting to know the feature can totally stir you up and am sure you would look for ways to get this incredible application for your Windows PC, good news is, you don’t have to wander around from site to site for the procedure because we provide you with complete guide of how exactly you can get iMovies for Windows.

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Installation procedure of iMovie for PC

Downloading procedure for iMovie to windows is easier than you can imagine, most of the time when people hear about the whole mechanism of this application they tend to over-imagine and come down to the conclusion of unavailability of this editor for windows which is ironical. Get started here if you can’t hold back your excitement to work with iMovie.
⦁ The very first step would be finding a strong emulator to support the Ios application
⦁ Fortunately, you do not have to worry just install Bluestack in your system and consider your half of the work done.
⦁ After downloading the setup file and installing it to your system just run a search for the app you are looking for such as iMovie
⦁ Rest you know the drill, just install the application after extracting the file and once you see the iMovie icon on your desktop you can run the application file in the Bluestack installer.

iMovie For PC

Share your creativity
The best part about imovie for windows software is that it gives full control to the user to share their work with the social media in several different ways. After taking so much of effort to edit and create a masterpiece if you don’t have direct support to share your work, that leaves a user wandering and looking for different procedure in several different sites, we completed work on meeting all your editing needs, take a look at few of this sharing ways with iMovie for windows
⦁ Once you get done with editing your work make sure you save it to your windows PC in any format that you like.
⦁ iMovie comes with a feature where you can upload your work to Youtube, Facebook, and other social sites without even leaving the application.
⦁ You can encode the video quality with several different options like MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, you can apply this method in making smaller yet enhanced quality.
⦁ After this imovie also gives you the option to burn down your editing work and turn it into a DVD so that you can play it on your DVD player.

iMovie For PC
Hidden features
People want more and I am sure you already looking to know about detailed yet informative feature before you get started with your editing work, no worries, we got you covered.
I listed down Five of the best-hidden features that you can apply to your editing when you are associated with imovies for PC. even though the version you get of iMovie for windows is not an official one yet it is considered to be a universal software for PC.
1.Slow motion effect
A lot of users keep wondering if they can create what they really want especially if you are into wildlife photography and filming then it becomes basic necessity to get slow-motion effect, and not just that slow motion actually brings out the best of your videos. So don’t worry about it because imovies gives you an average of 40 effects including the slow-motion effect.

iMovie For PC
2.Fast forward captures
Speed up effects are something which is used in creating a comic effect in your video and there one thing that you know if you want to use this feature on your windows, download a windows video editor because it includes the speed up tool.

iMovie For PC
3.Picture within a Picture
surprised enough? this feature isn’t found in a lot of video editors but let me tell you what it does. The picture in picture effect will let you put an image/clip over another. in imovies this feature works brilliantly and you can without any effort overlap a picture to another according to your own requirement. Now when it comes to windows, again just download the windows video editor which has this effect available.

iMovie For PC
4.The green screen effect
Another word for this effect is chroma key effect and it easily binds up two different clips together to create the astonishing effect. Again in order to support this effect on your windows application for imovies you will have to get the windows video editor.

iMovie For PC
5.Screencast effect
Screencast effect basically deals with the conversion of different files, and you will have to know one thing about this, it will require video suite to this one.

iMovie For PC
Additional Perks
There are a lot of question that users face and I would want you to be clear of those, so here are few basic answers to all the queries that go on inside your mind.
Can you play imovie files on windows PC?
Yes, you can but it requires a procedure, you basically have to convert the imovie file into a version that is supported with windows, say, for instance, files like ASF, MOV, MP4, the ones that are supported by windows media player.
imovie alternatives?
You might want to have a backup plan, I do. Here it is, I am giving you an application software’s name which is equivalent to imovies when it comes to enhanced features. it is Wondershare Filmora.

iMovie For PC
Can you convert iMovie to Window Media Player and how?
first of all, you will have to move imovies and convert after launching this app
now go on and select an output category, namely WMV, MP4 or any of your own choice
select a folder to convert the file, press the convert tab and transfer the imovie to window movie maker.

iMovie For PC


We gave you tons of information starting from imovie format to its features, not just that even its hidden features, now it’s your turn to sharpen up your editing skills and make the most out of this extraordinary application.


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