It’s a creation of Apple Inc. for MacOS which supports the music needs but with some help of emulators, this fantastic app is available to android and windows users to, it’s brilliant how individuals are devoid to this app. Garageband for PC has built-in equalizers and synthesizers also you can simply connect your own external equipment’s to create own tracks.

Now there is one more thing that you might be curious to know, if you have reached this far to find the related article for Garageband and read it this deep just follow through to know every bit of details related to downloads with several different threads but prior to that its features which will actually leave you wonderstruck.  

Features of Garageband

Uncountable and amazing features, you will actually understand more precisely after you are involved in working with GarageBand yet let us highlight some of the basic features that it has to offer.

Garageband for pc

It can create sound effect like the DJ beats with the triggering loops

It comes with 1000 plus loops

The option to add in a third party instrument comes with a customizable option

It will be surprised to know that you can actually work on one main track by working on 32different tracks together, also it allows you to play more than one musical instrument at a time.

Since it gives you a unique area for the podcast, you are basically just one click away from sharing your creation with the social media.

It gives some excellent performance with editing and audio capture

So now that you have read what excellence it can create there is no way you wouldn’t want Garageband on your PC so in order to do that keep reading because we are about to give several different Emulators for PC.

Downloading Garageband for Windows 7/8.1/10

If you have been worried about the downloading procedure of Garageband then don’t because further, you will read every possible emulator that helps in the download process and are compatible with windows 7/8.1/10 which is a super good news for PC users.

Garageband For PC

  1. Download Garageband using Andy

One of the most compatible Android emulators for Pc would be Andy and just after you install Andy you will be able to get Garageband for your system, it is the most widely used android emulators today because of its popularity.

Find the referral link and download the Andy Emulator from the window device you use

Open the downloaded Andy emulators and enter Garageband in the search bar

It’s pretty easy after you get the required search for Garageband, just download Garageband for PC

Now visit to your Andy emulator’s homepage and open the Garageband icon to get started with your composition.

  1. Download Garageband using Bluestacks

Second on our list of emulators is this free to use called Bluestacks that helps in downloading the ios GarageBand into your windows devices.

BlueStacks-Software-how to download Garageband For PC

This method to download Garageband is easy, but for that, you will have to follow the given steps carefully.

Firstly you will have to download the Bluestack link an install it in your device

After which just search Garageband typing the name in the search bar of the          Bluestack emulator

Once the search result displays Garageband just install the app on your windows device

It should be ready to use once you open the app from the Bluestack emulator for free.

  1. Download Garageband using ipadian

There is another android stimulator that can be well used to download Garageband software for windows all versions, ipadian has gained immense popularity as compared to other emulators because of its fast and free online availability.

Garageband using ipadian

You have to just download ipadian for your Windows PC or laptop first and install the setup

Now after the install is complete, just open the app store and type Garageband in the search box.

Now download Garageband for Pc with the help of ipadian emulator, after it completes the installation process you will find the GarageBand icon on your home screen of ipadian and you can get started with your music tweaks.


Now that you are well aware how to download Garageband for your Pc lets introduce you to some of the unique features of Garageband for PC. It’s exciting for music lovers and helps you to compose your own version by mixing and automatic different tracts and creating a wonder.

  1. Starting with the amazing feature of Virtual keyboard and external keyboard both it also allows the user to use USB
  2. As per the creators of the app, a user can create beatboxing with several different loops from popular genres like EDM, Indie, Hip Hop and more.
  3. it has an advanced feature of sharing your creation with social media with just one click, and no one can miss the podcast feature which another plus point in this astonishing app.

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An Alternative way to download Garageband for PC


If it’s about downloading the GarageBand in an alternative way, it has to be through Rare Software. Its a firm which has the capability to let the user download GarageBand into their PC, now check out how.

To download GarageBand, just visit the site of rare software and click the link which will provide you with the install option

so you just have to install GarageBand for your window PC and it will be ready for you to compose

garageband for Pc if you download from rare software is free.

Garageband has always been one of the major attraction to music lover, and with such android emulators and rare software downloading GarageBand for pc just got even better.

Additional Perks for Your First GarageBand Set up

Now that you know exactly what steps to take when you decide to set up your GarageBand project, yet there will be few things that you need to know about the set up so that you can work on the app smoothly and compose that first musical that you have been waiting to do for so long, here is how just follow few of our important pointers and you would know how this thing really works.


When it comes to musical typing it not easy, from pianos to EDM synths, GarageBand 10 comes with all of such features and with tons of amazing instruments that can give your project a new direction.

And fortunately, it comes with in-built musical typing solution which makes your imagination comes alive and all so easy. Starting from, Pitch Bend, Modulation, sustain, black and white keys, octave and velocity with keyboard shortcuts.


Getting the app into your system is easy but getting the hang of it takes a lot of time, yet there are certain ways which you can work out to make the most of it and GarageBand is not very complicated to work with if you have musical knowledge and you have worked with your recordings earlier though first time user might take a little time to get used to it.

You are eager to set up your records, mess up and hit stop, it all can be little time consuming and can demotivate you in certain ways but GarageBand has left no space for those because it comes with built-in feature which can give a face melting guitar solo that you wanted for so look a whole new level, and you will be recording your best performance before even you know it.

Our Wrap Up

Now that its out here, we are well aware of the excitement level you are at, so don’t just keep all this to yourself and go out there to explore the musical horizon yourself after downloading your very own GarageBand app. Its the most satisfying thing a music lover will ever come across.


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