Why would you download Facebook Messenger for PC?

It is one of those questions which you might be asking, especially when you can use Facebook Messenger on your smartphone.

Imagine what you can achieve with the Android app running on your PC!

Surely, your chatting gets so much interesting as you download Facebook Messenger for PC as everything is on a large screen and much more.

Don’t just judge with the introduction. Let me guide you as to how you can download Facebook Messenger for PC and what you can gain from it.

Facebook Messenger- As you know it!!

download Facebook Messenger for PC

There are no second thoughts that Facebook Messenger is the widely used instant messaging app in the world.

Though it is powered by Facebook (hence the name!), it is independent. It was the very first messaging app that gave you a chatting experience in a customized way.

With Facebook Messenger, you can see which friends are online, send emoji and stickers, share important files and documents, chat with multiple people and access Facebook side by side!!

Even if you have an old smartphone or a poor internet connection, you still can enjoy Facebook Messenger with its “Lite” version.

And what if you do not wish to open Facebook, but just chat?

You can use Messenger!

Right from Android to an Apple Watch, Messenger supports everything. You have no worry about the platform.

Who doesn’t love “some extra”? Facebook Messengers also supports few external add-ons or plugins. They are free and make messaging more interesting.

What Facebook Messenger gives you?

download Facebook Messenger for PC


Let me tell you-

  • You can send texts, videos, documents, images, GIFs. I think I covered everything. Not only that, you can see when the other person is typing something, has received or has seen your message.
  • Oh! Just like Facebook reactions, you can also react to messages now.
  • During one-to-one or group chats, Messenger keeps you in line with whatever media has been shared. You lose nothing, ever!
  • You can delete, archive, star, unarchive, favorite a chat. In case you are using Messenger through Facebook, you can see all messages pop up as a separate screen in the foreground.
  • There are a phone and a video icon. Yes, you can call or video call anyone using Facebook Messenger.
  • With the new version, the developers have introduced a send money option. Help all your friends in need with just your debit card information and be a friend indeed!
  • If you are feeling bored during a chat or waiting for someone to reply, you can play “in-app” games on Facebook Messenger. No, you don’t have to go to any other site.
  • Keep your family or loved one updated about where you are with Messenger’s “Share Location” option.
  • If you are forgetful about your schedules, now create reminders with Messenger.
  • Make your group attractive by changing names, creating icons and much more.
  • Send your favorite audio clips and music to someone as well.
  • Silence troublesome persons as long as you like. Block them with Messenger as well.
  • No need to go to phone library each time! If you want to add a contact, just do it with Facebook Messenger.
  • Share the app with friends and add them. Just scan the QR code.
  • Travel anywhere now with Messenger. It gives you the feature to request a ride from Uber or Lyft.
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When you download Facebook Messenger for PC, you get…

download Facebook for PC

When the Android app gives you so much, you download Facebook Messenger for PC?

Well, here is something as an answer-

  • Facebook Messenger for PC is an unofficial client; there is no “Facebook official announcement for it.” But that does not mean it is illegal.

It allows you to enjoy all Messenger app services on your PC, without opening Facebook simultaneously.

  • The desktop version has exactly the same features as the app version. You can send and receive media, stickers and emoji, GIFs and everything the app lets you do.
  • Even when your app is minimised in the taskbar, you will get a notification pop up on your desktop screen. You will never miss a single update.
  • In smartphones, your screen is small. You literally have to strain your retinas to view every word at times because the design is so crammed with options.

With the desktop version, now receive and send messages in full screen and relieve your eyes of strain. You also can resize your window as per your need.

  • The PC version is very much like using Facebook on your PC.
  • And the best part, it consumes a very low memory!

The Facebook Messenger app on smartphone uses a lot of memory, but not the desktop version. Be free and chat!!

To end, more than 3 million people are using Facebook Messenger on PC.

How to download Facebook Messenger for PC and Install on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

download Facebook Messenger for PC

As I mentioned earlier, you won’t get to download Facebook Messenger for PC directly. You will get the “.exe” file through third-party websites like File Hippo, CNet, Softonic etc.

  • Visit any of the above-mentioned sites of your wish.
  • Locate an “Install” button and click on it.
  • Wait until your download is over.
  • When you will go to the downloaded folder, you will find an illustrated file named “FacebookMessengerr.exe”. Double click on it to run the setup.
  • It should install the setup directly into your Windows PC.
  • It will ask for a Facebook account login.
  • Login through Facebook. You don’t need to open it. Configure Messenger and enjoy on Windows.

I would recommend you use the windows version of 7 or above. Things should work out pretty well for you.

How to download Facebook Messenger for PC (Mac)

download Facebook Messenger for PC

Like Windows, you won’t get to use Messenger directly on your Mac book. Rather, your messages app turns into a Facebook Messenger version.

Let me guide you through the process-

  • On your Mac, open your Messages app.
  • Go to the Messages menu from the top list and select the “Add Account” option.
  • Now select the “Other messages account” option and “Continue”!
  • Scroll down to “Account Type” and find “Jabber”. Select it.
  • There will be an option for you to enter Facebook Account name which is something like this- your_name_here@chat.facebook.com
  • Also, you will find a password field. You have to enter your Facebook password over there.
  • Do nothing else but simply click on “Create”.

As soon as it is done, you will be able to see your Facebook friends list pop up.

Everything is just as usual for you now!

Facebook Messenger for PC Mac gives you so much more…

download Facebook Messenger for PC

I have to admit that using Facebook Messenger on Mac PC is much more fun and versatile too.

Once the setup is installed, your Facebook Messenger also opens when you access your Messages app.

All your chats will appear side-by-side with your phone text messages which are really great.

In case you wish to log out, just choose the Messages option and select “Log out of chat.facebook.com”

So you see! In Mac, you don’t even need a separate app or run Facebook through a browser. That is what I was talking about!

Go download Facebook Messenger for PC today!

At the start of this guide, I asked you to read and verify for yourself that if Messenger is the best.

I think you have got your answer.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download Facebook Messenger for PC today.

If you have any other queries or issues regarding Messenger for Windows or Mac, feel free to drop by in the comments section.

Till my next article, I bid you farewell!


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