Clash of Clans (COC) is one of the most popular online game for mobile phone users having millions of players and fans across the globe. The Clash Of Clans for PC is a freemium mobile strategy video game. The game is developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. The game was released on IOS platforms on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013.
The game developers had got a massive positive response from millions of gamers around the globe and it’s obvious, Clash of Clans is a great game.
In COC you are set into a fantasy-themed persistent world where you are the chief of a village. You will get the chance to build your own town using the resources that you can gain from attacking other players through the game’s fighting features.

Clash of Clans for PC


Clash Of Clans is a free online multiplayer game. From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, the battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
There are three types of resources available in the game in terms of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir. You can use Gold and Elixir to build and reload defenses that protect your base from other players’ attacks. You can use the two types of Elixir to train and upgrade troops and spells. Gems are the premium currency that you get.
There are builders also, by using them you can build your base. Initially, you are given with two builders. You can maximize it to five by buying them with the Gems. Builders are important for upgrading any building.

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You must have to build gold mines and gold storage and elixir collectors and elixir storage to earn and store elixir and gold. Train new troops, upgrade troops by carrying out research in the laboratory and upgrade certain buildings by spending your Elixir.
Upgrade your town hall to have better troops and more defensive buildings with gold. Use dark elixir which is available from Town Hall 7 to train and upgrade dark elixir troops and heroes or to create dark spells.

Clash Of Clans For PC
Troops & Spells
You will have two kinds of barracks (Barracks, Dark Barracks) and two types of spell factories as well.
Use barracks to create troops by spending elixir. And the dark barracks are for dark troops which can be made by using a dark elixir.
The spell factories also follow the same pattern which means the normal spell factory creates spells using elixir and dark elixir is used for dark spells.

Clash OF Clans For PC
Use your gems mainly to buy more builder. Also, you can use those gems to shorten the time of upgradation of certain buildings. Certain buildings such as resource productions, heroes and barracks can be boosted by using gems.

Clash Of Clans For PC
Clans & Clan Wars
Create your own clan and ask your friends to join or join a clan of your friend. Clans are groups of players who join together to support each other. You can donate troops to your clanmates also can get higher level troops as a donation.
The most dynamic part of the gameplay of Clash of Clans is Clans facing off against one another in the “clan wars”. Your clan leader and co-leader can begin wars against other clans. Then there is a preparation day and a war day. On the war day, you need to attack a member of your opposing clan. Every player receives stars depending upon their amount of destruction. You have to score a greater number of stars than your opposing clan to remain on victorious side. As a player, you receive war bonus loot if you use your attack and win it too.
The available war sizes are 50v50, 40v40, 30v30, 25v25, 20v20, 15v15, 10v10 and 5v5. Friendly Challenges were introduced in the May 2016 update, to allow you and your clanmates to compete amongst each other; however, these challenges do not provide loot or trophies and do not affect a player’s army.

Clash Of Clans for PC
Builder’s Base and PvP Battles
A new game mode was released on May 22, 2017, with a new update to the game. In this mode, you can sail to a new island and create a new village, with a different set of buildings. If you are the one with the most damage or getting more star you will get the loot and trophies.
After knowing all the interesting features of the game downloading Clash of Clans for PC is a certainty. The game can be downloaded on your PC if you stay mindful of the following prerequisites
Since the game is only available for android and ios devices you need to install an emulator to run it on your PC. Though you can find several emulators available in the market we recommend you to use the popular one.

Use Bluestacks to download and play Clash Of Clans For PC

Essentially BlueStacks App Player is a free emulator. Enjoy all the apps and games from your smartphone or tablet on a widescreen desktop/notebook monitor by emulating Android system with this tool on your computer.
Key Features
⦁ Fully customizable environment
⦁ Support for multiple OS configurations
⦁ Google Play integration

OS Windows 7
VERSION v3.50.56
SIZE 312.53 MB
Pros And Cons Of Bluestacks
⦁ Seamless emulation
⦁ Numerous advantages of viewing on a computer screen
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Will only offer Android-based apps
Start following the Necessary steps from below:
Step 1: Download the BlueStacks from the link mentioned below
Step 2: Now install the BlueStacks app on your Computer.
Step 3: Next you have to download the Clash of Clans Apk files.
Step 4: Having BlueStacks Installed on your Computer, You just need to double-click on The Downloaded Apk file of Clash of Clans.
Step 5: Finally you have Clash of Clans installed on your computer, enjoy playing the awesome Clash of You can also use ‘Andyroid’ as the emulator
‘Andyroid’ gives you complete access to Google’s operating system. Install apps and games through Google Play using Andy OS.
OS Windows 7
SIZE 529.15 kB
Key Features:
⦁ ‘Andyroid’ gives you seamless sync between your mobile device and your desktop
⦁ It lets you connect Windows or Mac PC with Android apps for launching, push notifications and storage
⦁ With Andy OS you can enable app downloads from any desktop browser directly.
⦁ View your favourite communication and entertainment mobile apps, right on your desktop by using Andy OS.
Pros & Cons
⦁ It offers you the full Android interface
⦁ You just can use your phone as a remote control
⦁ It supports push notifications
⦁ Customizable
⦁ You can sync your App with mobile device
⦁ You may have to experience some glitches
⦁ Does not preload with Android KitKat
Here are the steps to follow to download ‘Andyroid’ on your PC
Step 1: Download and install ‘Amdyroid’ following the referal link
Step 2: After succesfully installing the app Start ‘Andyroid’ and login
Now login to your Google Account (if you don’t have Google Account create a fresh one)
Step 3 : Install ‘Clash of Clans’ in ‘Andyroid’
Now simply open up the Play Store in ‘Andyroid’ and look for ‘Clash of Clans’ in the search box – then you only need to install it and you’re done.
Step 4: Connect Your Village
If you want to play with your existing village, you can connect it.
Go in your Clash of Clans Game on your mobile device and go to Settings
There you’ll find the “Link A Device” Button. Click it.
Then choose the “This is the OLD Device” and follow the instructions.
Clans game on your Windows PC.

Clash Of Clans For PC

Download Clash of Clans on your Mac PC

How to Play Clash of Clans on your Mac OS X Computer

Step 1 Follow the link below and download ‘Genymotion’ (you will need to create an account):https://www.Genymotion .com/account/login/

Clash Of Clans for PC

Step 2 Install ‘Genymotion’ on your Mac PC(you do not need to install ‘Genymotion’ Shell)

Step 3 Download and install VirtualBox by following the link

Clash Of Clans For PC

Step 4 Download the Google Play Store OVA
Step 5 Run Virtual Box

Step 6 Go to File > Import Appliance and import the OVA file

Step 7 Close VirtualBox, run ‘Genymotion’ and then double click on ‘Genymotion’ _vbox to run the virtual device

Step 8 Open the Google Play Store

Step 9 In the search box of the Google Play Store type ‘Clash of Clans’ and then download it (you will need to log into or create a new Google Play account)

Step 10 Now Clash of Clans will be installed on your virtual device

You can continue your existing Clash of Clans game by signing into your Google account
Anyway, That’s all from us. Hope the article will help you to download and play your favourite on a bigger screen.


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