Blackberry messenger or BBM was the first creative tools, particularly designed for all Blackberry users. With various new developments, releases, and upgrades for Android, most users of Blackberry can easily chat or make voice and video calls with friends, family members, and business associates, regardless the mobile platform. So, BBM For PC is also not a trouble as we will guide you through the steps of installing it on your computer.
Here in this article, we will describe in brief, how securely the Blackberry users can communicate with each other with the application of this special tool, how to download BBM in the PC with a simpler way. You will be getting enough knowledge about its installation process on your Windows 7/8/8.1/ XP, basic guidance on BBM and usage of this BBM app on PC with the help of Andy Emulator.



As a perfect guide, BBM has offered ultimately advanced options, and features that are not available in any other applications of the new generation. In previous years Blackberry Messenger was only available for the users of Blackberry phones. But currently, this communication tool has gained so much popularity in the whole World that the company has finally made this available for other platforms with wide ranges of enhancing features.
For all Android devices, this is available in the Google Play Store. From where you can easily search and install BBM on your Android Mobile. Although, initially the Android users were able to use this messenger app on their smartphones, in recent years, good news for the Windows and Mac users too, that they can also use the BBM and enjoy its advantages.
There is no specific method of downloading this communication tool on your PC, but you can download this directly from any authentic sites. Users can take further help of any kind of supportive software, such as Andy Emulator, which helps to download Blackberry Messenger easily and genuinely on their Windows PC.



The fully upgraded version of Blackberry Messenger has grasped its oldest features along with the newest. They are trying their best to improve and incorporate several advancing options or features that help the users make voice and video calls, chat with others firmly. Now you can easily download this on your Windows XP/ 7/8/8.1 and latest updated versions without facing any difficulties.
You can send messages quickly, can do video conference or chat on Blackberry network from PC or Android Mobiles so rapidly that no other related apps can replace its importance to the users.
The Bluestacks Android Emulator app is used for the home computers and is freely available on the websites. These are mainly built for home computers and laptops that allow all the users to experience BBM’s presence with developing features and its offers. If you are going to experience BBM messenger for PC, you should keep in mind that it will not give you any eye strain. You will never face signals lag, or poor internet connection and lack of speed.


Install BBM on your Windows PC

Downloading and installing are just a matter of few clicks nowadays. As described earlier, you have to install ‘Free Bluestacks Android Emulator app’ by clicking some authentic links. If this can be done precisely, after downloading, the installation and following set up process starts continuing automatically.
When Bluestacks has done with the download and installation process, you are completely ready to begin your chatting process with family and friends, mainly with all Blackberry users over the Globe.
Ease of doing messaging by BBM from your Windows PC, help converse with relatives, friends and even with business associates quickly in a hassle-free method. You don’t need to get a small ‘touch screen’ keyboard or even swipe your finger.
We are really thankful to the Bluestacks that has provided the power to utilize the keyboard and mouse of a personal computer for sending messages and videos all over the networks of Blackberry.

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The free messaging app BBM provides ranges of exciting experiences of smoother communication and chatting and keeps all of us stay connected with people. You don’t need to log in or logout from your profile while using this app even on your PC.
As a special communication tool, this offers several attractive and unique features that enable the users to support and enjoy unlimited but secure communication with BBM.

Some important features:
BBM for computer provides the high level of privacy that no other app can replace. This does not require any personal phone number rather you have to give your BBM pin during login and initially for creating a profile. Only those people, who share the specified pin with their friends, can easily connect on BBM as well as communicate securely.
This has become easier to make group chats by making a group in this messenger app. BBM thereby allows the users to broadcast ranges of messages at once.
It supports all GIF images or animated pictures so that the users can better make enticing profiles.
An instant detail of time checking is another vital requirement that you will get in this BBM always. This is related to the time when sent messages are read and delivered, and this is properly delivered or not.
A large number of text messages can be shared and received through BBM. You can share photos, videos, voice mails and many others. Free voice calling features also enhances its credibility and adaptability among users rather than other related apps.
You can easily chat with more than one contact at a time and also express your feelings and emotions using Emoticons with the use of Blackberry Messenger.
It uses a special pin called BBM pin, by which you can make voice calls, video calls and start chatting. But for this, what you have to do is, share this pin with your friends with whom you need to chat. Then you will just be able to connect, chat and view the profiles of them.

There are also some normal features that every messenger requires. These include,
Send unlimited photos, texts, contacts, and videos.
Record voice and send it to the partner instantly.
These are provided by the company absolutely free of cost with maintaining high security.

User Interface of Blackberry is also too much smooth and the company has worked very hard for making this grand success. Though there is the high popularity of BBM over the World, some other apps are also trying to replace BBM with incorporating ranges of newest and innovative features. For the advancement of Wechat and WhatsApp, Blackberry cannot reach to more than 500 millions of users till now.



BBM has achieved very high scores and ratings through millions of installation and downloads every day from the Google Play Store. This has really got lots of games with increasing iPhone and Android users. Unlike several other messenger apps, BBM is one of the most salient messenger apps, which provides smooth and elegant interfaces, required for quick running. By the use of this BBM, you can record a voice message and send it instantly, update your personal status in every single moment.

In your Windows PC, as this is now widely made available, you can enjoy its presence with large screens.
BBM for computers, this messenger app is although not available from specific official sources, and cannot also be downloaded directly, there are few steps, by using which downloading can be easier.
Step1: Download and Install the Andy
Virtualization enables BIOS settings and for this, the PC should always contain latest installed video drivers.
Step2: complete the procedure of sign up
Open the Andy > complete your sign up procedure correctly
If you have a Google account, the same thing you can use
Step3: Application opening
Open this app > search for Blackberry Messenger or BBM > install
Step4: Ready to use
After installation, this BBM for computer app is completely ready for use. After that, it supports both the Mac computers and the Windows.



BBM on your PC by using Andy Emulator

Android Emulator provides a seamless connection between mobile and desktop computing devices. Whatever upgrades and changes are done in OS, users are always well informed about this. This Andy is a higher version of the Bluestacks and it supports very higher level of application compatibilities, stabilities and productivities.

Fully functional experiences of Android are offered by Andy. After the installation of BBM for PC few basic details are provided such as mail id, name, and many others.
But before installation, the presence of video cards and video drivers has to be checked. You always need to have 3GB RAM along with 20GB free spaces on the disk. If there is any trouble during installation, this has to be fixed quickly.

The sync capability of Andy Emulator and its enhancing features of remote controlling highly support most well-known social networking sites like Facebook and e-mail. Rebooting is also a bit faster than the smartphones and tablets rebooting. In case of Mac computers and Windows, you just don’t have to look for downloading any foreign apps but you have to install and test those by Android Emulator.

So, remain connected with the PC versions of BBM has become too much popular that it takes the whole World within a boundary. You can also search for authentic sites of Blackberry Messenger for getting further knowledge over it. Just follow these articles and enjoy the best ever communication tool with Blackberry.


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