Belonging to the information age, practically before we start imagining a thing an app comes for the same. On this very platform, 9Apps on PC opens your eyes with some handpicked free premium apps from the Android market.

Want to have some set apart premium apps for your PC?

From the massive market for diversified Android applications, 9Apps on PC helps you find some premium apps of the highest order for your PC. And the whole of it comes to your PC at an absolute zero cost.

9Apps on PC – What is it all about?

9Apps on PC was developed by the Alibaba Group. The app is recognized as a secured third-party app store where users happen to find Android apps for PC.

9Apps for PC - intro image

It is an app store where the users are able to find themselves almost all the android apps and all come for free. 9Apps on PC is something very like an alternative to Google Play Store.

While in Google Play Store there are certain applications for which users need to pay a certain amount to get them installed on the PC.

In this case, the user does not have to spend a single penny to get their desired applications of the Android platform on their PC.

Because of certain extraordinary features, the app has gained notoriety across the globe. Almost more than 97million users are using this app to install the premium Android apps for free.

The user interface of the 9Apps on PC happens to be very much organized and systematic leading it to be easy to use an app for the users.

Why having 9Apps on PC is great?

Because it’s really that great.

Believe it or not guys 9Apps on PC happens to be the only third-party freeware with such an enlarged market. With an enormous count of users, 9Apps on PC happens to be the best-picked substitute app for Google Play.

These when one says that Google Play Store is the sole place to download Android apps and games, it is not cent percent true.


There are pretty other ways to get the Android apps for your devices. Now there are alternative Android markets to get users their favorite Android apps and games. 9Apps on PC is probably the best one out there.

9Apps on PC intro

An expert team of developers deployed by the company checks the security status, invigilates and supervises each and every app to be uploaded to the app store.

So all the essential apps ranging from banking and bill payment apps to instant messengers can be downloaded from the app store.

9Apps on PC vouches that the users get the apps absolutely free from any malware and virus, which is certainly the main concern of the users.

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Google Play Vs. 9Apps on PC

Generally, users use Google Play Store as the most convenient way to download their favorite apps and games. The prime reason behind that may be because Play Store comes as a default app on every Android device.

But that’s not the only way, there are yet some other pretty options for the users too.

While one way can be searching the app by typing its name in the search engine like Yahoo or Google. But there comes a limitation of this method too. Users at times get cheated with the fake download links from the many that come as a search result.

What users really need to do is find an official site to download the apps.

Again with this, there is an easy way rather than finding Android apps on the search engine. The way is using some alternative Android app store.

Speaking of an alternative Android app store, it means a store that is just like the Google Play Store. Like 9Apps on PC is an alternative Android app store.

The basic reason for a user to use an alternative Android app store like 9Apps on PC is to find those apps that Google Play does not have in its store.

Moreover, why will users stick to Google Play while they find the premium apps on Google Play for free on some other Android app store?

The Learner’s Route to 9Apps on PC

Compared to many other Android markets 9Apps on PC has lots of added good features. The app store comes with multiple searching options and numerous filters that ease the searching technique of the users.

This along with its lightweight happens to have gained a whole lot of popularity and reputation among the user base.

Coming to the downloads section we all are keen to know what are all the things which we will be able to download from 9Apps on PC. Correct!

9Apps on PC logo

Honestly speaking,

Android apps and games are the members to join the list for sure. There are more to be added to the list. Apart from that, there are:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Themes
  • Ringtones
  • Wallpapers
  • Sticker Packs

that you can find on 9Apps on PC. And the best part is the list contains many things that are hard to find in the Google Play store. Isn’t it so.

Finding 9Apps on PC in Google Play Store

While it comes to the question of downloading 9Apps on PC, users generally go for searching the app on Google Play Store. But as a fact leading to their disappointment, they do not find 9Apps.

There comes a reason behind that. Looking into the purpose of the apps we will find both Play Store and 9Apps on PC provide for Android apps and games. Whilst Play Store is owned by Google and 9Apps is owned by some other company.

So working on the same platform these companies happen to be each other’s competitors. Therefore one cannot find 9Apps in the Google Play Store.

The basic idea is that working on the same platform Google cannot promote its competitor. This calls for the fact that even if there are any related searches to 9Apps on PC they are fake.

To be on the safe side, it is better not to download them.

When it Comes to 9Apps on PC

The very desire of some users to play Android games on PC and for others to use Android apps on PC calls for having an Android Market on PC. Having 9Apps on PC users can download a whole range of apps, games, music, wallpaper etc directly to their PC.

Enabling users to download videos and movies have made the app more popular among masses. Now you no more need a torrent for downloading movies.

9Apps on PC Does Not Need Any Login or Registration

Users need a valid Google account while they are trying to get an app downloaded via Google Play. And to have access to the Play Store the users need to log in to his Gmail account.

If users do not have one all they need to do is create a new Gmail account and sign in with that.

Again this is not the case for users having 9Apps on PC. Users do not need any registration to download apps from 9Apps on PC. All users need to do from their end is download and install 9Apps on PC and enjoy this Android store.

Some Important Features of 9Apps on PC

9Apps on PC is one of the most downloaded apps on PC. There are millions of users of the app around the globe. Downloading the same users find a wide range of advantages.

Let’s check  them out:

  • The apps downloaded comes without any virus and malware
  • User-friendly interface that is very much easy to use
  • The Android store enables high-speed app downloading
  • Users find thousands of games and apps in special categories and subcategories
  • Apart from apps and games users have much more to download from 9Apps on PC
  • Users get free access to apk files that are available as premium apps on other Android stores.

Track to Download and Install 9Apps on PC

Downloading 9Apps on PC is an easy enough task. To have a wonderful Android app store on your native PC the users requires following a few steps.

So let’s go through the steps to get 9Apps on PC:

  • The very first thing you need to have is BlueStacks app player, the Android emulator.
  • You can easily download BlueStacks App player from their official website. To download BlueStacks click here.
  • After you are done with the download process go by clicking on the install button upon running it.
  • Once you click the installation button you need to wait for a few minutes, as the installation process continues.
  • After the BlueStacks is installed on your PC, run the same and search for 9Apps on PC in the search box of BlueStacks.
  • Once you find the one with the proper logo go for installing the same upon accepting the terms and condition of 9Apps.
  • As an alternative method, you can also download the Bluestacks Apk file from some other recommended site and install the same.

Towards the End

9Apps on PC provides users with a wide range of Android apps and games and even more.

Users find the latest gaming, social media, wallpaper, news, movies, photography, songs, video and millions of new app on 9Apps on PC.

For users who love to strive out hand-picked apps from the entire Android market 9Apps on PC is the one you must try.

Just do not forget leaving your valuable suggestions and experience in the comments section below.


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